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Back to Their Roots: New Roots Album Undun Another Hit

Kevin Moss

Assistant A&E Editor

The Roots found time in their busy schedule on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to drop this original sounding album Undun. It’s a masterful compliment to hip-hop and its origin. Sticking true to their “roots” (sorry, I had to do it), Questlove, the drummer for the group and probably most well known member, carried his Grammy-winning group to another successful album.

This is the group’s 13th album released and doesn’t stray far from their original From the Ground Up.

Their sharp snare sound backed by a non-synthesized kick-drum give them such a live feel, even after the record is touched up on in the studio. The album tells the story of a fictional character created by the group called Redford Stephens.

It discusses a pivotal moment in his life where he can either choose to make something of himself or turn to a life of crime and easy cash. Black Thought is still the original MC for the group and has the same sound as when he first came up.

If you are into original hip-hop, this album is a must have. It deserves to be up there with Watch the Throne and Drake’s Take Care. My favorite songs off of Undun are “The Other Side” and “Stomp,” both high quality tracks. The album can be found on iTunes and is well worth the $10 for the 14-song track list.

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