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Best Restaurants in Springfield

Kristen Linnartz

Staff Writer

Nothing satisfies a person more than a good meal. There are few feelings greater than when you’re at a restaurant and see your food coming, and there are also few feelings worse than when you think it’s your food and then they bring it to the table next to you. The point is, we love food, and in Springfield good food isn’t too hard to find.

I have never been a picky eater so when I go out to eat I have no limit; I’ll go anywhere. I’ve been to some really great restaurants, a few here in Springfield.

One of the first places I ever went to was The Student Prince. The Student Prince is a German restaurant in downtown Springfield located off of Main Street. I went here when I was visiting Springfield College because my dad is German, and he loves trying out German restaurants. It was really good and since then I’ve returned a couple times and have never left unsatisfied.

Another great place to get barbeque is Theodore’s, also located off of Main street. It can definitely be difficult to find good barbeque in the north, but luckily for the people in the Springfield area, Theodore’s does it pretty well. I’ve only eaten here two times, both times I had a burger that was delicious.I’ve also talked to several people who have eaten here and never heard a bad review. My roommate is a vegetarian and even loves it there because they have a really good veggie burger. If you’re looking for barbeque I would definitely recommend Theodore’s.

Growing up in a relatively Italian household, I’m a really big fan when it comes to Italian food. Red Rose is not only very popular in this area but knows how to do Italian right. I’ve eaten here on many occasions and my personal favorite meal is their Chicken Parmesan. Red rose is located on Main street but it can get really busy depending on when you go so I recommend just ordering take out and eating it in your dorm because everything tastes better when you’re in your PJ’s, right?

A place I’ve been to more times than I can count is Plan B. There are Plan B’s in several locations but luckily for Springfield College students and people around the area, there’s one right here in the Hall of Fame. I love Plan B, they have really good American Nachos, their parmesan fries are as good as they sound and their burgers are some of the best I’ve ever had.

One of the more popular places talked about around campus is Peppas Pizza on Wilbraham road. Their pizza is some of the best pizza I’ve had here at Springfield. For fewer than 5 dollars you can get a specialty slice of pizza and if you’re ordering a whole pizza, they will deliver. It’s really close to the college and I’ve never been disappointed. One of the best parts about Peppas is their garlic knots and my personal favorite, barbeque chicken pizza. You haven’t really lived until you’ve experienced Peppas Pizza.

My favorite restaurant in Springfield is Bueno Y Sano. Their Mexican food is not only really good but it’s also really fresh. They have a bunch of locations in Massachusetts but their located on Sumner Ave in Springfield and they also have a location in West Springfield. Bueno Y Sano is really good, and they make your food really fast. You can either eat it in the restaurant or bring it home. I’ve tried a lot of things on their menu ranging from spinach and chicken quesadillas to their salad. If you’re a Mexican fan I would recommend going to Bueno Y Sano because it’s not only appetizing but it’s also pretty inexpensive.

I think it’s good to be well rounded when you eat and try a little bit of everything. Whether you’re a pizza connoisseur or a vegetarian there’s something for everyone at these places and the food quality is excellent. Everyone gets sick of Cheney at some point so if you have a couple bucks and want good food these places won’t let you down. If you don’t have a couple bucks to spare there’s nothing wrong going to Cheney and pretending that the pizza is from your favorite pizza place and the burgers are made from Kobe Beef.

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