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Beware of Senioritis at Springfield College

Dave Seronick

Staff Writer

Senior residents are at high risk. No, not the elderly, and no this risk has nothing to do with social security, AARP or anything of that nature. I am of course referring to senior students who, right around their spring semester, suddenly become indolent, sluggish and seem to struggle with some of the most simplistic tasks.

But why? For seniors who posses these symptoms, they are likely suffering from what is most commonly known as “senioritis.”

This “disease” is nothing new, as we’ve known about it due to the fact that it has been running rampant since well before our time. Professors and former seniors have warned us about it, yet we continue to brush it off, uttering that quintessential line, “Oh, it won’t happen to me.”

However, those who speak those words often find themselves falling victim to it.

Once caught, there is virtually no cure, as the student continues to lack any sort of motivation, determination or drive. While those who have succumbed to it might joke that they “have a bad case of senioritis,” it’s not something that should be taken lightly.

The main reason a senior should be concerned with coming down with a bad case of senioritis is because the mind-set and mentality that accompany it are not ones you want to posses. For starters, it is hard to shake. Once someone becomes too lax, snapping out of it is by far the hardest thing, as you will unconsciously revert back to this somewhere down the line.

Those of you continuing on to graduate school better be aware that a senioritis-type attitude will not bode well for you. The same can be said for those heading into the work field, as once you get a job (especially starting right out of college), you cannot all of a sudden ease up, since you already know you have the job, or the next thing you know you’ll be looking for another one.

On the contrary, nobody is advocating that you should not enjoy your senior year. Heck, we all know that the past three and a half years, or seven semesters, have been spent diligently working on assignments for countless hours in Babson Library, reading thousands of pages, writing limitless papers, presenting numerous projects and taking copious amounts of tests.

So of course you have earned this time to yourself, and you should live it to the fullest. Spend some time outside, throw a football or Frisbee or even just lay out in the sun. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then just sit down, watch TV, catch up on some sleep I’m sure you’ve missed throughout college or literally do absolutely nothing.
Yet, while you are enjoying yourself, do not let your grades that you have worked so hard on over the years suffer because of one measly semester. Also, don’t become accustomed to the negative results of senioritis, as they can follow you. Nonetheless, congratulations for making it this far, take pleasure in your remaining time and best of luck to all graduates on your future endeavors.
Dave Seronick may be reached at dseronick@springfieldcollege.edu

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