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Bob Ryan shows a Glimpse of his Childhood Inspiration

Kyle Pegolo

Staff Writer

Like many kids, Ryan had a dream to play professional sports. He was in love with baseball but was not nearly as good at baseball as he was at basketball.

“Everyone knows more about one thing than anything else,” Ryan said. “For me, it was baseball. But basketball was my bread and butter.”

When he was living in Trenton, N.J., Ryan would al­ways go to his high school’s ju­nior varsity and varsity games.

“My favorite part though, was waking up in the morn­ing and reading about the game in the paper,” Ryan stated. That was when he knew that he wanted to be a professional sportswriter.

“The word ‘writer’ in ‘sports writer’ is the most important part,” Ryan said. “It is assumed that you know sports. It’s part of your being. If all you are into is sports, then it will be very hard to get into sports writing.”

The night after he stepped on the Springfield College cam­pus, Ryan appeared on Around the Horn and did what he has been doing for 43 years: he re­ported sports the way an every­day sports reporter does.

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