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Brian Magoffin and Pam McCray Welcoming New Roles Inside Sports Communications at Springfield College

Brian Magoffin, Springfield College's newest Sports Information Director (Springfield Athletics Photo)
Brian Magoffin, Springfield College’s newest Director of Sports Communications (Springfield Athletics Photo)

By:  Nick LovettOnline Editor

Brian Magoffin’s grandfather was a Springfield College alum, Class of 1949. Magoffin himself attended Springfield from 2001-2005. It is only fitting that Magoffin would find his calling back on Alden Street where he began.
Magoffin was recently named the Director of Sports Communications at Springfield College. He was formerly the assistant director, then interim-director before gaining the new title.
“I knew if I had an opportunity to come back to Alden Street and to give back to Springfield College, that’s what I would do,” recalled Magoffin.
He has been employed at Springfield since the summer of 2007, where he started as the assistant director of Sports Communications. He describes going to work every day as a “blessing.”
As the head of the Sports Communications Department, Magoffin is bringing the Springfield College Athletics Department into the 21st Century. Magoffin uses social media outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook, to spread the word about different athletic events and even live-Tweets some of the events that take place on campus.
“Everything today is electronic. So we have to make sure that our website is at the caliber it needs to be. Having a presence on social media, a heavy presence, whether that’s Twitter or Facebook or YouTube is extremely important because that’s how people want their news.”
Magoffin said that part of the success of the website and of the Sports Communications Department is the department’s relationship with the students from the Sports Journalism major.
“We have some really talented students here who not only can gain real-life experience by working with our department, but can really understand what it’s like to work in college athletics.”
Working with Magoffin is Pam McCray, who has been named the new assistant director of Sports Communications. She received her undergraduate degree at Western New England University and also worked for both and The Republican, a Springfield area paper, where she worked as a sports reporter for three years.

Pam McCray, Springfield College's Assistant Director of Sports Communications
Pam McCray, Springfield College’s Assistant Director of Sports Communications (Springfield Athletics Photo)

McCray is currently pursuing her graduate degree in Physical Education, specifically in Athletic Administration. She came upon the job at Springfield as she was looking for a full-time position and a Springfield College professor, Kyle Belanger, told her about a possible opportunity in the Athletics Department.
“I was patiently waiting for the job to post online,” remembered McCray. “The second it did I brought my application in the first day applications were accepted; I was really excited about it. I knew it would be a perfect fit for me because I have the background in sports reporting already, and that’s essentially what I’m doing here, just in a different scene.”
After only being at Springfield for a short time, McCray can already say that the college is like none she has ever been to.
“When I first came here as a grad student last semester, it’s just so different here. Everyone’s so nice; everybody is really invested in Springfield College because they really, truly love Springfield College.”
McCray seems to have found a home here at SC as she has no immediate plans to leave campus after finding an ideal job that suits her strengths.
“I’m not in any rush to finish my graduate work because this is an ideal position for me to be in right now. I’m not in any rush to leave here. It’s such a great environment to work in. Everybody really cares about Springfield College and the athletics here. I just definitely want to excel at this position and I want to bring Springfield College athletics the gratitude they deserve.”

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