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CAB welcomes students back to campus with a ‘magical’ week

By Carley Crain

This year’s welcome week definitely brought upon more challenges due to the coronavirus, but the Campus Activities Board (CAB) made sure it was still an enjoyable week. This year’s theme was Disney and every night an activity was centered around Disney characters and movies.

“One challenge we faced was limiting students to our events to follow the CDC guidelines for Massachusetts,” said Gianna Salce, co-chair of membership for CAB. “It was really unfortunate that we had to cap some events at fifty students total.”

Monday started off with breakfast at the Union. CAB had an assortment of breakfast food available as a grab and go style before morning classes. Students were able to enjoy their choice of omelets while listening to a variety of Disney songs. CAB also passed out t-shirts and fridge magnets with their theme for the week: “Springfield College: Where dreams come true.”

Continuing the magic, Tuesday night was the Springfield ever after light show with cupcakes from Nora Cupcake Truck. All cupcake flavors were based off of Disney movies.

The Frozen themed cupcake was a fan favorite, as it was a vanilla cake with blue and white frosting, symbolizing the character of Elsa.

While munching on cupcakes, students gathered on the admin green to sing along to Disney tunes as well as watch bright and colorful lights that represented the fireworks from Walt Disney World.

“Personally, I loved the light show and cupcake truck event,” Salce said. “I just loved the vibe of hanging out with friends, listening to our favorite Disney songs while enjoying a very yummy cupcake!”

One of CAB’S most popular events, Bingo, was held over zoom on Wednesday night. Students were able to compete against each other to win some free money, while listening to a playlist of Disney songs.

Continuing their weekly thrifty Thursday, CAB hosted Fillmore’s Funky Tie-Dye on Thursday night at the Union. Students bleach tie-dyed pillow cases and t-shirts, or they could bring their own clothing to tie-dye.

CAB set up socially distant stations so everyone had a safe and healthy way to tie-dye. President Cooper also made an appearance with first dog Jack and was greeting and welcoming students.

“The most popular event of the week was bleach tie-dye,” Salce said. “Due to quarantine, regular tie-dye was sold out completely everywhere we looked, so we adapted the best we could and it turned out to be a huge hit.”

On Friday night, students enjoyed a socially distant movie on the admin green while snacking on candy, popcorn, and smoothies. The movie of choice was Tangled and many students
brought chairs or blankets to sit on as they watched the movie.

The last day of festivities was a Disney themed scavenger hunt on Saturday afternoon. Students paired up in groups of four and were tasked with the challenge to find all of the hidden triangles around campus. All winning teams received gift cards as a prize.

Welcome Week was nothing short of magical, despite COVID-19 restrictions. To stay up to date with CAB’s events for the rest of the school year follow their Instagram: @scpridecab

Photo Courtesy of Carley Crain

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