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Campus Activities Board hosts “Welcome Back to the ’20s”

Nico Fiscella

As students have continued to get settled in for the spring semester here on campus, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) organized a fun-filled first week back to give students numerous events to reconnect with their friends on campus.

CAB made sure to keep everyone busy. While students were unpacking and settling back into their rooms for the spring semester, they had the opportunity to grab a sweet treat from The Lil Nora Cupcake Truck.

The truck offered a variety of sweets that would make ruining your New Years’ resolution worth it. Flavors ranging from a rich fluffy marshmallow chocolate cupcake, to the classic caramel drizzle cupcake, and even a limited edition minterland cupcake helped make it seem like winter break never ended.

With all those delicious flavors, it did not take long for the cupcake truck to sell out.

It also wouldn’t have been a traditional Springfield College move in week without bingo. Per usual, CAB held bingo in the Union last Wednesday. With a bingo theme of “Bees Knees,” students filled the seats in hopes of being able to scream out that one infamous winning word and claim their prize: BINGO.

As we enter into the ‘20s, it was only fitting for this week’s theme to be the “Roaring ‘20s.” The prizes for bingo were all themed around popular items from 100 years ago.

Prizes included movie baskets with tickets to the theater, along with some classic movies such as “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Along with this, winners could bring home a candy bag filled with popular sweets from the past. For the larger prizes, students had the opportunity to bring home either a Polaroid camera or a brand new TV.

On Thursday night, the Union again filled up for Paint Night. Students would grab either a Mocktail or Shirley Temple drink and paint away any stress the early semester has given them.

“People can have a fun night and paint,” said Michaela Zegarelli. This week’s events would not have been possible without her help. Zegarelli is a first-year student who is a part of the board for CAB.

“It’s a great way to get back into the swing of things,” said Zegarelli. While only being in her second college semester, Zegarelli has already made a huge impact as a CAB member.

“I spend over five hours a week with them… they have become some of my closest friends,” she said.

The events only continued as the week progressed. Friday night, students had the option to come to the Union and play all types of video games.

For classic gamers, popular games such as the original Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and NBA Street were all available to be played to bring back some old memories.

Several students huddled up and observed as two competitive racers took to the tracks in Mario Kart. The Mario Kart game was being projected onto a large screen, while the two racers laid back in an inflatable car seat.

On the other side of the Union, two TVs were set up for a Madden tournament. It was a very competitive atmosphere, where some students had fun even though they did not get the outcome they felt was deserved.

“My hands are so sweaty,” said Bonifacius Sidharta. Sidharta played two games of Madden and fell short on both games.

“I had a great time, I missed this atmosphere and this group of people… it feels good to be back,” Sidharta added.

To finish off the week, Springfield hosted Samantha Ruddy for the Roaring Laughs Comedy Night. Ruddy kept students holding their stomachs laughing. It seemed to be the perfect ending to a great first week back.

Things are only going to improve as time goes on. Zegarelli hinted at CAB hosting string art, make your own dream catchers, and a student favorite DIY tie-dye night.

With one full week down in the new semester, things could not be off to a better start. Students enjoyed welcome back week laughing, cheering, and catching up with friends they’ve missed. Hopefully that is the sign of a great new year for ahead for both Springfield College and its students.

Photo Courtesy Nico Fiscella

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