Campus Activities Board kicks off the season with Fall Fest

By Chris Gionta
Co-Sports Editor

Springfield students passing by the campus’s signature Naismith Green on Friday, Sept. 17, were welcomed with the feeling of autumn. 

Anyone within proximity was overwhelmed with the aroma of freshly fried dough. They could then be welcomed by one of the many smiling faces representing the Campus Activities Board, and be asked which selection of treats/activities they would like first.

Springfield’s Campus Activities Board hosted ‘Fall Fest’ on Friday from 5-7 p.m.. This event lived up to its name. On the green, a collection of ripe, bright orange pumpkins could be retrieved and eventually decorated by anyone who wished to host one in their living space. When visitors continued onward, they were offered various autumn delicacies. Whether it was apple cider, apple cider donuts, or fried dough, Springfield College students were able to taste the change of seasons.

Perhaps the biggest outlier of offerings on Friday was an axe throwing station. Wood fixtures with painted-on black targets faced the Springfield College senior walk. Anyone who wanted to toss the weapon for a bullseye was welcome to with the assistance of an instructor.

“I was just passing through campus and I saw the sign for axe throwing, and I was like ‘I have to get in on this,’” said sophomore Fall Fest attendee and axe throwing participant David King. “So the instructor helped me out and I got to throwing, and it was definitely hard at first, but eventually I got close to a bullseye.”

Overall, this small event generated more excitement for what may be the best season to be on a college campus.

“Fall really is the best, so it makes sense that they’re having an event like this,” said King. “I mean when I saw all the donuts and cider, it got me amped for fall.”

In the New England area, no one can deny the excitement of this season. It is what makes the general region special during this time of year, and Springfield’s Campus Activities Board represented this specialty to the best of their abilities this past Friday.

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