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Career Day Takes a Different Approach

Ben Ryan
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Sam Leventhal.
Photo courtesy of Sam Leventhal.

Out with the old, in with the new. Starting Oct. 20, the Springfield College career center has decided to switch up their format for career day. In the past, the school would bring out employers from several different majors and let students walk around seeing if anything sparked their interest.

Now, they’ve decided to change things around making it easier for the students. The career center is now bringing in employers from specific majors on one specific day. Each major gets its own day. This way, the students get more one-on-one attention and act as more than just a ‘resume’ for internships.

Internships are extremely important in college. Whether you’re a freshmen who has a set career path, or a junior who is still figuring things out, internships are the keys which open doors for early success out of college. Getting an internship will give you the ‘work’ experience while learning about the job. Obviously, you can be successful without internships, but it has proven to help.

According to Forbes Magazine, “If you are a college graduate and you are working at a paid internship, a study shows, 60% of the time, that the internship will turn into a job offer.”

Jeanette Doyle, director of the Career Center, has been in charge of setting the career fair’s up in the past and is excited about the new changes.

“Every student that comes will be able to meet every employer that’s there. We’ll rotate you from table-to-table after five minutes,” Doyle said.

The students will meet every company, learn what they’re about, and learn what the process will be for the company for the first hour. Then, for the next hour, students can open-network and talk more with a certain employer that they’ve already met and have enjoyed speaking with.

“We don’t want kids walking around and leaving randomly. We want students to be comfortable and gather information before the open-networking hour,” Doyle said.

While this is the only the first year of trying out the new format, Doyle has high hopes that it will be successful. After all, the career center offers a make-your-own business card for free, which is another way of getting your name out there for companies to see.

“We as a staff have gone to commerce events where they do styles like this and we’ve found it to be more helpful since you’re able to meet so many people all at once,” Doyle said.

The next career fair will be on Oct. 27 from 12-2p.m. in the Judd Gymnasium, where those who are involved in any majors can take a more in-depth look at employers involved in Sports Management, Business, Recreation Management, and Communications/Sports Journalism.

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