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Cashwell-Doe: This is a time to find out what we’re truly passionate about

By Isaiah Cashwell-Doe

My name is Isaiah Cashwell-Doe and I am a rising junior as well as a member of the football team at Springfield College.

When I was asked about being sent home due to the Coronavirus, I feel like it brought back a certain type of PTSD for me. I am the type of person who excels best when around people, so having to stay home trapped in my room brought back my depression and anxiety really bad.

To a point, I truly didn’t know how to control the emotions, and I haven’t felt like that since junior year in high school when I was having suicidal thoughts. But then, an opportunity to become a nurse during quarantine came knocking at my door… I could not deny that opportunity.

Having the ability to socialize again with people other than my family, and having the opportunity to help people, felt amazing. Unfortunately, within two weeks of working as a nurse, I had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Getting that phone call from the hospital and them saying “Isaiah Cashwell-Doe, you have tested positive for the coronavirus”… it felt like the world stopped, the first time in my life where I had been speechless.

And all over again, I was stuck in my room – the only place I could go was the bathroom. My parents fed me from the door, and the only way to communicate was through a cell phone.

For an extrovert, it felt like a living hell. Ten days later I felt free. I was able to attend work again and do what I love best, putting smiles on people’s faces. Now, being a nurse through this time… it might have been the hardest thing I think I have gone through emotionally.

Every day a patient would pass away and the more I was there, the more it hurt me seeing my patients pass and the families not even having the opportunity to see them.

That being said, these past few months have been extremely stressful, but it has made me grow. I had the opportunity through it all to learn how to truly love myself, even with the flaws in my life. Mentally I feel stronger than ever. 

Coming back to school I honestly feel the best I ever have mentally. Then, for this semester, this is a great opportunity for me to grow even more.

This is a time for me, along with other members of Springfield College, to find out what we are truly passionate about. Lastly, a chance to excel in school, with sports being canceled for the semester this a big time for the school to put 110 percent into learning.

Photo Courtesy of Joe Arruda

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