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Celebrating the retirement of COSJ professor Laura Dubowski

By Collin Atwood

In 2017, a highly credentialed, charismatic, confident and wonderful person joined Springfield College with a goal to encourage curiosity within students and assist them in achieving their full potential. Over her last four years, Laura Dubowski achieved that and so much more.

Dubowski is an Assistant Professor of Communications at Springfield College, but her time on Alden Street is coming to an end at the conclusion of the semester. It was on December 14, 2020 when she informed the Communications and Sports Journalism program of her plan to retire.

Her invaluable experience in the journalism field was felt as soon as she took her first step on campus.

“She brought what the committee at the time saw as the perfect fit to our program…She’s the perfect combination of a journalist with the greatest credentials and someone who loves bringing along the next generation of journalists,” said Kyle Belanger, Assistant Professor of Communications at Springfield College.

Before she decided to come to Springfield, Dubowski worked for many major networks. She was the Senior Producer for CBS News for 16 years, which involved doing work in its New York Broadcast Center and its London Bureau.

She also produced pieces for New England Cable News and ABC World News Weekend. She’s been recognized for her work by being a three-time Emmy-award nominee and an Associated Press award winner.

After her long and successful career in production, Dubowski decided it was time to share her knowledge and educate young journalists. “I didn’t want to go to my grave with the knowledge that I had gained over 37 years in television,” Dubowski said.

Before Springfield, she had been an Assistant Professor of Journalism at the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. “Go, Cougs!” is a refrain Dubowski often enjoys saying to her classes.

Her impressive resume and accolades are the least important thing about Dubowski. Over her four years, she has made a lasting impression on her students and colleagues as a professor and a friend.

“I also think of her as a friend and not just a professor,” said Taylor Sanzo, President of SCTV3, who is a senior at Springfield College in the COSJ major.

The aspiring journalists at Springfield have a lot to thank Dubowski for. Her professionalism, dedication and passion cannot and will not go unnoticed. No other professor is more excited to have a class full of students who are ready to learn about the world of television journalism than Dubowski.

Every year when it’s time for registration, she’s the first professor to start advertising her classes. You can see the eagerness and joy in her eyes and her smile when a bunch of students sign up to learn about the TV industry.

“I thought I could tell my experience, teach what I know about producing shows and reporting news,” Dubowski said.

Dubowski’s professionalism was the main reason for the Springfield College Student TV station’s success and improvement. “She has undoubtedly transformed our television program by miles in the past four years,” said Nichole Maisto, Vice President of SCTV3 and a senior in the COSJ major.

She brought all of the knowledge she had on how to produce an organized and professional broadcast to SCTV3 and elevated it to a new level. Dubowski taught the students how to properly report, interview and write for a television broadcast. So, when they aired on Thursday nights, people would know that SCTV3 was the real deal.

“Through all that knowledge, she really got everyone excited to turn the program around in the process,” Sanzo said.

It’s no coincidence that over the past four years there has been a tremendous increase in the number of students going straight into TV journalism after graduation.

“Laura’s definitely overseen a period of growth and increased professionalism,” said Martin Dobrow, Professor of Communications at Springfield College.

Not only has she done so much for the students, but she also holds a special place in her colleague’s hearts as a journalist and more importantly, a friend.

“Laura has definitely elevated the stature of our program and she’s been a really good friend and just a lively, funny personality to be around. I’ve enjoyed her company a great deal,” Dobrow said.

Her energy is like no other and it can be seen right when students walk into her classroom or see her around campus. She always has a story to tell and a lesson to teach.

“I just knew right away that I wanted to be around her more…I was excited about having her as a neighbor in Weiser, I was excited about being able to have a coffee with her in the conference room or go to lunch with her or sit next to her during commencement and exchange stories,” Belanger said.

The end of the 2021 spring semester is creeping up, which means so is Dubowski’s retirement. After she retires, she plans on traveling and seeing the world. “I want to be able to call my time my own at this point,” Dubowski said.

Who can blame her? She has given so much to not only Springfield College, but also every other station she has produced for and all the people she has met along the way. She deserves nothing less than to use her time for herself for once.

As Springfield College says goodbye to an excellent professor, respected journalist, great friend and all-around marvelous person, Laura Dubowski will always be regarded for her delightful demeanor and her impact on the journalists of the present and future.

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