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Chasing the Elusive Championship Intramural T-shirt

Corey Hanlon

Managing Editor

You can buy a T-shirt for $5-$10 in almost any clothing store around.  You cannot, however, buy a Springfield College intramural champion T-shirt.

For whatever reason, an intramural championship T-shirt is one of the most highly coveted items on Alden Street.  On the front, the shirts are usually pretty simple and often sport some sort of Springfield College based logo.

Contrary to most athletic jerseys, however, where the name on the front means a lot more than the name on the back, what is written across the back of these T-shirts, “intramural champions,” says it all.

One week before finals, intramural floor hockey is in full swing.  The first round of the playoffs started Sunday for the men’s division with one of the lower seeded teams, The Yags, advancing to the second round.

“We really played well,” said Yags captain Drew Postupack.  “We played solid defense, which we don’t usually do and we created some two-on-ones on offense.”

Along with Postupack, Luke Osberg has been a big contributor for his team this season.

“This is actually my first full floor hockey season in my four years here,” said Osberg.  “I subbed in a few games last year and sophomore year.”

“I want that championship shirt and go out with a bang senior year,” he added.

Osberg and Postupack have been playing intramural sports since stepping onto the campus at Springfield College.  The competitive nature that comes along with intramurals at Springfield has been enjoyable.

“For me, it’s been fun participating with everyone who knows what they’re doing,” said Postupack.  “It’s not like there are teams that go into intramurals not knowing what they’re doing.  Everyone is an athlete this school.”

Although intramurals do allow for those with a competitive nature to go out and play hard, the true meaning behind intramurals is not with these athletes.

“It’s pretty intense and a lot of times people do get heated,” said Joe McSpirit.  “I just go out and have fun.  It’s a lot of fun just getting out and running around and playing some sports you might not normally play.”

For Postupack, and many others at Springfield, the cherished T-shirt has eluded him thus far.  That does not mean, however, that he has lost faith.

“I have yet to get an intramural T-shirt,” said Postupack.  “That’s what I’m shooting for.  I’m shooting for the win.”

“It hasn’t happened yet in my four years, but who knows.”

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