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Class of 2013 Encourages Students to get Down and Dirty

Joe Brown

News Editor

Races are a common form of fundraisers that many Springfield College clubs have used for various causes over the years. For the Board of the Class of 2013, however, a simple road race would not suffice.

Instead, junior President Roger John Reidy, Vice President Monika Stefanowicz, Secretary Alison Dombroski and Treasurer John Caparrotta drew inspiration from two challenging variations of races that look more like elongated obstacle courses to create SC’s Dirty Dash.

SC’s Dirty Dash is the board’s take on “Tough Mudders” and “Warrior Dashes,” which put a unique twist on ordinary races. In both races, instead of just running from start to finish, participants face multiple obstacles throughout the race that they must conquer in order to continue and reach their final destination.

“A ‘Tough Mudder’ is pretty much a race through the wilderness,” Reidy said. “Mud, dirt, grime, cold and elements [are] all included just to make it a much more challenging race.”

See the video below for an example of a “Tough Mudder” race.

The board has been working to coordinate the 3-mile, obstacle-laden race with Ben Taylor, director of East Campus and Outdoor Programs, and Carl Stiles, director of Student Activities and the Campus Union.

The event will be held at East Campus on Sunday, Nov. 6, starting at 1 p.m.

To create their version of the race, the board will transform a portion of East Campus into a menacing course that will push participants to their limits.

“We’re going to use the resources that are out there along with some other things that we are making together in the days prior to it,” Reidy said.

Although it is a race, it constitutes more than just running. Climbing, crawling and even some boating will be required to complete challenges.

“There’s actually a portion where you have to get a kayak from the boat house, carry it to Reeds Landing and kayak back to the boat house,” Reidy said.

Other obstacles include climbing over and under tables and ropes, navigating a slip ‘n’ slide down a hill, swinging through a ropes course, climbing a wall and jumping through a giant hanging tire, according to the event’s Facebook page.

As if that was not enough, the board decided to add one final twist to the race: participants are highly recommended to run the course in a costume.

Since it is only a week after Halloween, the board is asking participants to save their costumes or create new ones to run in.

“I think it’d be just all-around fun to see people run around in costumes doing this obscenely difficult race,” Reidy said.

All runners will receive a Class of 2013 t-shirt on the day of the event, and prizes will be awarded to the top-three finishers. Prizes include a container of whey protein, medicine balls, a foam roller, physioball and more. A prize will also be presented to the participant with the best costume.

Participants can register by emailing Reidy at It costs $10 to register and is open to all SC students.

The board is also looking for volunteers to staff the event. Anyone who is interested should email Reidy for more information.

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