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Upcoming SGA Elections

Josh Ernst

Opinions Editor

As the presidential primary heats up for voters around the country, there is another election going on at Springfield College. March means the Student Government Elections are in full swing.

The Springfield College SGA holds elections annually. Certain positions in the SGA require an election every year, such as the SGA President, class board positions and class senators. These class positions include class president, vice president and secretary. The class boards work with each other to help represent each class. The class senators work with both the class boards and the executive board of the SGA.

“Voting is March 20 through 22 via ‘mySCweb,’ and the winners will be formally announced hopefully by Monday, March 26,” said SGA President Kristina Dupuis.

Public Relations Coordinator Becca Jacobson and her committee have been working to raise awareness for the elections. Fliers have been posted around campus to encourage Springfield College students to vote.

Election packets for those interested in running for elected office are available inside the Richard P. Flynn Campus Union. The packets are due Friday at 4 p.m. To be eligible for candidacy, students must have 50 signatures from other Springfield College students.

“Students should run for office because it is a great way to really get involved with what is going on campus,” said Dupuis. “SGA and class boards are the voices of the student body and the students who can really make a difference to bring forth the wants and needs of the student body.”

Again, the online voting will take place March 20 through 22. After the three days of voting, Steven Carra and the Student Affairs Committee then work with Director of Campus Activities Carl Stiles to tally up the votes. The winners are then announced March 26. The newly elected student leaders will start their terms next semester.

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