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Coachella Festival features some of the latest fashion

Katie Benoit
Staff Writer

Coachella Musical Festival is taking place this week and it is definitely an important event in the music and fashion world. Many websites and magazines are profiling the hottest looks this year and also downing the ones that are not so great. The festival still has a few more days, but here are some of the highlights so far.

Once again, cutoff jean shorts and crop-tops are in style. According to Hollywood Life, Kylie and Kendall Jenner were both spotted wearing plain crop-tops paired with cut-offs. Overalls and crochet also seem to be a common theme. Kendall was also seen in a tan crochet dress.

Many celebrities are also dying their hair. Taylor Swift posted an Instagram photo of her with bleached blonde hair with the caption “Bleachella”. Kylie also dyed her hair an interesting light orange color. According to Daily Mail, Vanessa Hudgens also displayed an interesting style by braiding and curling hair along with throwing some feathers in. She also had a very interesting manicure with lots of sparkle that you can check out on Yahoo.

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