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College Comic Adam Grabowski Visits SC

Gabby DeMarchi

A&E Editor

Analysis of Disney movies, sparkling vampires and remem­bering the heydays of middle school, along with an added twist of sarcastic and awkward comedy, made comedian Adam Grabowski an instant hit at the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union last night.

Grabowski and his act hit the Union stage where he showed off his comedic skills, breathtaking dance moves and even got the crowd revved up by throwing the ever popular childhood snack, Dunkaroos, to lucky audience members.

While Grabowski seemed like a natural talent on stage, it was not his main focus up until the past four years.

“I went to the University of Illinois and I got a degree in psychology,” Grabowski said with a smirk. “I graduated a se­mester early and did the senior year ‘freak-out.’ Ultimately, I decided to put all of my effort into comedy. It’s called produc­tive procrastination. I put off figuring out my life and then actually figured out my life.”

By the age of 22, Grabowski booked his first gig and started bringing his act to different colleges.

“I’m 24. When I started this, I was 21, so basically my material goes toward college students. Colleges are great and not competitive. They’re more free.”

While Grabowski is doing well for himself, playing gigs at 10 different colleges in a two-week time span, along the way, he has had to battle his fear of public speaking.

“I dropped my speech class sophomore year of college be­cause I didn’t feel comfortable speaking,” said Grabowski.

Shortly after that, Grabows­ki began working at a special needs day care where things became much clearer for him. Grabowski dealt with changing catheters and helping grown men change their clothes, which are acts that can really open one’s eyes.

“After that, I realized that if I could do that and not worry about how I look doing it, then why can’t I talk about whatever I want to,” said Grabowski.

Ever since, Grabowski has been a sensation. His act most recently landed him Campus Activities Magazine’s 2012 Hot Comedy Pick. Colleges around the country voted for him, where he gained a rating of 4.88 out of 5, and the presti­gious award.

Between his several book­ings and his award-winning act, Grabowski seems to have turned his college ‘freak-out’ into something very positive for himself. And while he states he does not look far into his future, Grabowski is solidly booked to do gigs at several dif­ferent colleges and universities all over the country until the beginning of March.

“I am booked for some great things until March, but really, I’m just trying to figure out what hotel I’m staying in to­morrow. I don’t look that far in the distance. I’m just trying to make this work now,” explained Grabowski.

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