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Construction Ahead

By Irene Rotondo

Since October 7, construction on the sidewalk in front of the Springfield College Learning Commons has been ongoing during the day. However, the reason for the construction was not made clear, nor was the official timeline of the project.

According to the Facilities Management team at Springfield, the construction is actually to ensure that the Learning Commons will not flood during heavy rains. 

The building was built below the level of the road making it easy for water to come through the doors and effectively flood the lower levels. By installing larger drains, the Learning Commons will be able to efficiently divert the water away instead of ruining the expensive technology that is strewn throughout the building. 

Though there was a school-wide email sent to the students of Springfield College and those who take advantage of the features in the Learning Commons, the conclusive timeline originally announced has changed.

Instead of being finished in six weeks, the contractors will actually be finished by December 15, 2019.

Some may be wondering: Why now? Why not complete this project, which takes up almost the entire entrance to the Learning Commons, over the summer when there are hardly any people on campus?

 “All parties tried to accommodate a schedule that would allow work to happen this summer; for various reasons, it did not happen,” said the Springfield College Facilities team of the project.

Fortunately for students, it appears the construction has not done much to deter them from their regular schedules.

Gabrielle Ward, a second-year Marketing Major who often finds herself in the Learning Commons in between her classes to finish up work, said, “I like to go to the library to work on spreadsheets for class… so far, the construction hasn’t really been a problem for me. I can still do all of my homework and it’s not that loud.”

Photo Courtesy Danny Priest

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