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COVID-19 vaccine clinic hosted at Springfield College

By Jacques St. Jean

Springfield College hosted a two-day CVS COVID vaccine clinic on Wednesday, May 6 and Thursday, May 7. This was in light of recent news announced on May 3 that President Mary-Beth Cooper sent out via email to the Springfield College community. The announcement stated that all undergraduate and graduate students, and most faculty and staff, are required to be fully vaccinated in order to come back in the fall. Students with religious and/or medical reasons can apply for exemption, but it appears that the majority of Springfield College students are taking action and getting vaccinated.

Business management major and junior Jack Reetz got the vaccine on Wednesday. While Reetz has had a good health history, the people within his family have not been so fortunate.

“My mom… she had skin cancer back in 2014,” Reetz explained, “and my grandmother is also super susceptible so thinking about them, you know, family is basically the motivation for me.”

Much like the rest of the Springfield College community, Reetz is concerned for the well-being of his loved ones, and on top of that, thinks that an increase in student vaccinations will help bring the Springfield environment back to normal.

“I have a lot of qualms about it, but I’m just thinking about the older generation…” Reetz continued, “as soon as we can get back to real-life activities here, that’s amazing, so I think we should all get it.”

Although the turnout for the clinic only accounted for roughly 6% of the student population, many students have already been fully vaccinated or had their first shot.

“I was expecting more, but before the school offered it I saw plenty of students already got their first dose or already had both doses,” Reetz shared.

Another student concerned for the people around him is graduating senior Ian Snowdeal. After getting COVID a few months ago, Snowdeal wanted to make sure he didn’t get it again, and the ones around him aren’t impacted by it.

“It really wasn’t fun at all, I felt really sick,” Snowdeal said, “I know the impact it can have on others around me, so I felt the need to get vaccinated to help myself and my family.”

Snowdeal also shared that many people around him who didn’t go to the clinic got the vaccine elsewhere.

“My roommate Danny just got his second dose two days ago and he feels great,” Snowdeal adds “I felt like everybody around me was getting it so it was about time, since it was offered here, and it was very convenient for me to get it, so I got it.”

While Snowdeal won’t be returning in the fall, he is hopeful that returning and incoming first-year students will get vaccinated before the 2021-2022 school year.

“It lowers the risk for everyone here,” he exclaimed, “and it allows for the chance next year for [all students] to be able to have more normalcy on campus if we’re all vaccinated.”

With the addition of the two-day clinic with CVS, Springfield College is making sure that returning and graduating students are staying safe as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. 

Photo Courtesy The Springfield Student

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