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Cultural Appreciation to be Spread on Campus

Alison Izzi
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.

Cultural appreciation is continuing to spread on the Springfield College campus as Friday Nov. 20 kicks off a diverse monthly event.

Soup, Sandwiches n’ Stories, presented by Dr. Anthony C. Hill, runs from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the John M. Wilson Lounge in the Campus Union.

This month will be featuring a documentary titled Cultural Humility and following the presentation, participants can share stories about their own culture.

Forms of oppression have been prevalent worldwide, and few surrounding race and ethics have found themselves on the Springfield College campus.

Violence, racism, injustice, poverty, abuse, shootings, and epidemics are all included, just to name a few. Hill and the occasion’s participants have concluded that enough is enough. It is time to learn about the differences, fear, discrimination and solitude that infect the American Society. Here lies the purpose of Soup, Sandwiches n’ Stories.

The best way to start a journey of healing these wounds of the world is a conversation. Many students can be heard around campus having miniscule debates on politics or the most recent school shooting.

Over the weekend, television across campus were swarmed with students, faculty and staff alike watching as utter chaos struck Paris. Then watched again as France fought back. Some eyed the screens in silence, others cried, and many discussed repeatedly what, who and why such senseless violence happened in the first place. All this is an example of conversation, and on Friday, Hill wants to prompt even more dialogue.

“Let us begin the conversation to explore aspects of one’s identity, talk about issue of power and privilege and discuss how individuals can work to promote reconciliation and healing in the world,” says Hill, in a brief summary of what Friday’s gathering is all about.

He believes that cultural humility is the most important concept in understanding and addressing that long list of challenges faced in both American and international societies.

Hill, himself is not just an assistant professor in the School of Social Work at SC. He is Springfield born and raised, he is experienced in social work in the classroom, but has seen the cultural differences in one city first hand.

His views on multicultural, social and economic injustice have been shaped by his own accounts in various environments. His passion for uncovering and mending the causes of these challenges is a result of the world around him.

Its true that the same goes for many students on campus and they are encouraged to dig into their own opinions and have discussions about cultural humility and how it can heal the prejudice of society.

Soup, Sandwiches n’ Stories is more than a social gathering, and more than an education on culture, it is a movement. Join Hill and others for an eye-opening experience about all different cultures, and become a healer.

An appetite, a yearning for knowledge, and an open mind required.

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