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De-stressing Senior Formal

Kristen Linnartz

Staff Writer

The dreadful yet exciting word begins to fill the air. A strange haze falls over campus. Students start to behave in ways that imitate soccer mom behavior. What is going on? Is Springfield College falling into an epidemic? The event of the season is approaching. Two words, twelve letters, and four syllables, otherwise known as: senior formal.

Senior formal at Springfield College has been an event that goes back for decades. It is intended to be a fun event where seniors gather in the sadness of leaving college and eventually move into the big reality called life. It is intended for girls to dress to the T and guys to grab their most shiny shoes. Women dress like princesses and men sweep them off of their feet. This sounds great doesn’t it? Well, it’s not all cream and peaches, let me tell you.

For the past few months now, the word “formal” has not left my side. I hear it walking between classes. I see my friends’ texting about it in our group chat. Heck, I even think I am seeing my teachers write it on the board during the lectures. The girls of this school have the stressor of looking the best. Trust me, I want to look my best, too. Although, this is difficult to do when the selection of cute and classy dresses are slim. Oh and hair! Oh the hair; do I want to wear it up or down? Bun or ponytail? Braid or no braid? These miniscule questions haunt our minds until the day of the big fiasco. My roommate informed me that her Easter weekend was spent 80-percent in the mall searching for shoes, dress and jewels, and the remaining 20-percent at church.

Girls, we all know that looking like we hopped off the plane at LAX straight to the red carpet is the image we are going for, and it simply can be. I believe that happiness is the true beauty in each individual. Our dates, male or female, will be thrilled no matter if your heels match the dress. It is senior year for most, and the bottom line is to live up the final days of the best years of our lives. Whether fake or not, each person will compliment your appearance at formal, so what is the panic anyways?

The main goal for this event is to have a great time if it’s rain or shine, cold or warm, anything over 40 degrees at this point will do. All of the stress around senior formal needs to subside because whether you’re wearing a dress that your mom bought you and insisted you wear, or a dress that you ordered online and doesn’t look like it did on the model when you put it on, it doesn’t matter. It’s a time to have fun. You shouldn’t be stressing over if your dress is dressy enough or if you should spend the extra money to get your nails done.

Do what makes you happy and I’m sure you’ll look great. Do something simple with your hair that you think will be easy to maintain. Wear shoes that you can actually walk in because you can’t dance if you can’t walk. Put on a dress that you like because at this point it’s too late to get another one. The only worry is to make sure you have fun with your friends and end your senior year the best that you can. If you’re a junior or an underclassman, you don’t need to worry because you still have your own senior formal to look forward to.

It’s one night to have Aramark food served to you at the MassMutual Center and dance to whatever music the DJ decides to play. It’s not about who looks the best but who is having the most fun. So when you’re getting ready live by the famous words of Taylor Swift because “we never go out of style.”

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