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Destiny- A Game-Changer But Not the Game-Changer

Nick Lovett
Online Editor





Every year, a game is released that promises to be the beginning of the future of gaming. Each one of these games, no matter how good they might be, never really change anything in terms of gameplay. Sure they think it is the future, but no game has truly changed the face of the industry.

This year’s version of that game is Destiny, which is made by Bungie, the same dev team that made most of Halo series so gamers will know they are reputable. Destiny follows Halo in that it is very much Sci-Fi but it also deals with a tiny bit of realism to keep it grounded.

Destiny is about a group of soldiers, named Guardians, who have to protect what is left of Earth and its other colonies on the Moon and on planets like Mars, from The Darkness, which is a powerful alien force that wants to wipe out everything. The game was never going to push copies because of its story, partly because there isn’t one, it was going to push copies because of the gameplay it uses.

To get it out of the way, the story in Destiny is very basic: you play as a Guardian that is brought back to life by a Ghost which is basically your floating robotic sidekick. It’s voiced by Peter Dinklage which is pretty cool because I just think it’s Tyrion following me around giving me advice and being awesome. Besides that, the game is straight forward. The game is semi-open world and all the missions are essentially the same: you fight through hordes of aliens before you get to the end where you fight a boss-like creature. Most of the levels play the same and it can get fairly repetitive but again, Bungie knew the story was not going to be the selling point.

What the selling point for this game is, and what I think will be a popular feature in games in the future is the connection between single player and multiplayer. There are no dedicated modes for either in this game. If you are not playing with friends, you are still playing with players from around the world in your level. You can help them out and fight alongside them even if you are not in a party. This is actually pretty awesome, I’ve been in a situation where I’m about to be overrun on a certain part of a mission but then some random person will come and help me out, and I’ve also helped people out as well. This is an awesome addition to any game and something all gamers have seemed to like so far.

If you want to play with friends, the campaign is completely coop. You can have as many as four people in your “Fire Team” which can then do any mission. Having a fire team can also grant you access to special missions in which you have to work together to beat the level. Later in the game, after you beat the single player and hit level 20, you can even participate in Raids which are very long missions you play with your friends. These can take up multiple hours so be prepared to set aside an afternoon or night for them.

The gameplay itself is very similar to other shooters but is most like Call of Duty and Bioshock with a little Halo mixed in. It’s like Call of Duty with the mechanics and the fluidity of them but like Bioshock because you have a power that you can equip to use. You can shoot these using LB on the Xbox One controller. It’s like Halo because of the vehicle gameplay. At any time, you can summon a Star Wars-like speeder to get you across the map faster which makes everything infinitely times easier. It’s a great blend of shooting mechanics that make the game very easy to play and gamers do not need to learn a whole new style of gameplay for this title.

As for core multiplayer, there is a mode that is dedicated team deathmatch and other game modes like that. These modes are strictly competitive and COD fans will feel at home here.

I truly believe that Destiny is the start of a new generation of videogames; one that blends single player and multiplayer into one cohesive mode that is fun to play for everyone. The first one to smash through a wall will always have its faults that all subsequent games learn from and that is no different in terms of Destiny. Though the story lacks a bit and the game can get repetitive at times, this is still a game to check out for any shooter fans. Bungie says this game can last five years because of all the content they’re going to add, but be certain that there will probably be a sequel at some point.

Final Verdict: 7/10

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