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Detore: Get your money’s worth

Daniela Detore
Op-Ed Editor

I like to consider myself a sort of knock-off music expert… meaning I am nothing really special but here I am, talking as though I am and taking music threads and playlists literally.

But, there is one thing that my taste for music has taught me and it’s this:

Good music doesn’t come at a huge expense.

You want to buy a season’s pass to your local amphitheatre and go to every country event there? Sure!

Five-dollar tickets to a live music show in the basement of some bar in town? Count me in!

Vans Warped Tour? Yup.

Three-hundred dollar ticket for a semi-decent seat to see Drake? Check.

However, for Springfield College students, it may come at a greater expense than simply traveling 30 minutes south to the Xfinity Theater in Hartford and seeing a show there.

Year after year, students remain very hopeful that a good performer would find their way to Springfield to cap off Stiyuka, and another academic year before final exams begin. But, for the last two years I can say I’ve been very disappointed.

Last year, Cheat Codes was a huge improvement to the years prior performer, Chase Bryant.

I was hopeful this year, though. The survey released by Student Activities was detailed. It asked how much out of pocket money we were willing to spend, what genre of music, any preferences, etc.

They even had an option for “2k Throwbacks” which I’m not gonna lie, I 100 percent voted for. If budget is the issue of why the concert is a steady let down, I’d give up my hopes and dreams of having a performer like Post Malone, Halsey, Drake, Cardi B, or any of the other Billboard Top 100’s, in exchange for a solid throwback performer.

Like Nelly or Ludacris.

I dare someone to have a bad time at a spring concert singing “Hot in Here” or “My Chick Bad.”

I dare you.

Or the All-American Rejects! No ones heard from them in awhile, I bet they’d fit the budget. Flo-Rida? Anyone hear from that guy?

I was really anticipating the performance for this year. There was also a huge build up for the name drop by Student Activities (If you do not follow student activities on Instagram, you can find them at @scactivites).

If you do not know already, beware a spoiler.

Beginning on Monday, Student Activities began releasing six-second clips of instrumentals from some of the performing artists songs.

Long behold, it was Bryce Vine.


The guy that sings about Drew Barrymore.

He’s not bad. He has a couple good songs.

I actually jammed out to “Sunflower Seeds” all summer long without even knowing it and if I don’t hear “Drew Barrymore” once until April, I’ll probably be excited to hear it live.

It’s not awful. But it could use major improvement.

The average ticket to see Bryce Vine at a venue goes for roughly $30. So, with a price set at $30 dollars, I’d like to tell you what else you can do for that much.

You can see Elton John, Chris Stapleton, and Ariana Grande. If you’re feeling ambitious and you want to spend $45 dollars, you can see Jason Aldean AND Kane Brown; Florida Georgia Line, Dan + Shay and Morgan Wallen. You can see Travis Scott, catch a Celtics game or go see the comedian Sebastian Maniscalco.

The possibilities are endless for what the $30-50 can get you.

And this year, it got you Bryce Vine.

So, if you have no idea who Bryce Vine is, that’s okay, many people won’t either.

Who knows, maybe it’ll be better than we are anticipating.

Photo Courtesy brycevine.com

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