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Dunkin is moving and expanding in Springfield campus union

Irene Rotondo

DSC_0160.JPGFor many Springfield College students, the day doesn’t officially start until they’re sipping a medium iced coffee while heading to an 8 a.m. class. While grabbing that early morning shot of caffeine, some have noticed major construction happening on the bottom floor of the Union. Rumors have been swirling on what new shop could be opening, ranging from an extension on the popular pizza place, or even a new office.

Jennifer Vigneault, the Project Manager for Facilities at Springfield College, put those rumors to rest. She announced the new site will not be an office, nor a pizza extension, but rather a relocation and expansion of Dunkin’ Donuts.

“What we’re currently doing right now is we are relocating Dunkin’ Donuts, which will become Dunkin’,” said Vigneault. “We are actually one of the newer sights that will model the new name that Dunkin’ is rolling out. We are basically expanding, to some degree, on what the offerings at Dunkin’ will be. We’ll have a new location, it’ll have access through the actual servery area through the Union Station and from the outside hallway as well.”

The hope for the new location of Dunkin’ is more room for queueing in line, which all students can attest to being extremely long during the peak morning hours between classes. The space next to the bookstore where Dunkin’ Donuts currently resides will be turned into an expansion of the bookstore, allowing new changes regarding what products are sold there. The construction aims to conclude by the start of the spring semester.

“We wanted to make better space of the Bistro. This is a continuation of the updating we did this summer to the floor of the Union, as well as bringing in the new chairs,” she said.

Vigneault envisions the bookstore being more at the center stage of the Union. “I think having the bookstore more visible and more of a destination, as opposed to tucked in the corner, will be great for general branding and access to the cool things that are in there,” she said. “And I believe through the expansion of the offerings at Dunkin’ Donuts will give all of the students and faculty and staff one more dining option. You don’t always want a Subway grinder, you don’t always want a burger, it will just give more of a variety.”


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