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Fantasy Flashback: The Year 1975

Shawn McFarland
Staff Editor

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.
Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.

This week, we’re hopping into the fantasy football time machine and flashing back to the year 1975. Gas was 57 cents per gallon, bread was 28 cents per loaf, and the likes of Terry Bradshaw and O.J. Simpson were tearing up the field in the NFL.

Take a look at our fantasy picks from week eight of the 1975 NFL season, where skill position players went off.

QB: Terry Bradshaw (Pittsburgh) at Houston: 219 passing yards, 3 TD (20 points)

RB: O.J. Simpson (Buffalo) at Baltimore: 123 rushing yards, 1 TD (18 points)

RB: Lydell Mitchell (Baltimore) at Buffalo: 112 rushing yards, 2 TD (23 points)

WR: Gene Washington (San Francisco) at Los Angeles: 144 receiving yards, 2 TD (26 points)

WR: Roger Carr (Baltimore) at Buffalo: 136 receiving yards, 1 TD (19 points)

DEF: Paul Krause (Minnesota) at Atlanta: 2 interceptions

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