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Fantasy Football – Alumnus admits defeat

Dear LOOD and everyone at Springfield College,

As an alumnus of Springfield College and a member of the League of Ordinary Dudes (LOOD) the punishment for finishing last in our fantasy football league is to write an apology letter to my Alma Mater and send it to The Springfield Student Newspaper to be published for all to read. All members of The LOOD are graduates of Springfield College. My name is Craig Schmitt, manager of “Call of Jeudy: Warzone”/ Code Brown. I am a graduate of the 2013 class of Springfield College with a BA in Mathematics. I had a bit of a late start getting into the fantasy football world. I didn’t get started until I got into college. It was my junior year at Springfield College, in LC 206, when I started partaking in what I call the drug of fantasy football. There were six of us living in the LC when some friends asked to join in a fun fantasy football league where every damn thing a player did got a point. For example, Aaron Rodgers put up approximately 90 points in one game! That stuff right there got me hooked. After approximately eight years of playing fantasy football “The League Of Ordinary Dudes” had an opening and gave me a call, and I didn’t think twice and accepted the invitation. This past season in the league I finished tied for last place, which I lost the tiebreaker having scored less points in the regular season than the other team. Which is why I am writing this long drawn out apology letter to you, the people of Springfield College, because I miserably failed you all. Along with the campus as a whole, I would also like to extend a sincere apology to the Mathematics department. I let you all down by not figuring out a way to put together a statistically better team than the other members of the league. To the Pre-Camp, NSO and LTC leaders, I would like to sincerely apologize as a former Pre-Camp leader. I feel like I let you all down by not being a good enough leader for my team and motivating them to win more games through the trials and tribulations of the COVID season. I would finally like to personally apologize to Annie Warchol, who was the advisor/mother for Pre-Camp during my time as a leader, Dr. Andrew Perry who was my academic advisor from the Math Department, and my cousin and now assistant softball coach at WNEU, Michelle Wlosek ‘10.

I let you all down, and it was an embarrassment of a season to lose on a tiebreaker.

Craig Schmitt
Springfield College ‘13

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