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Film club gives students an outlet to explore their passion for movies

By Tucker Paquette

The Springfield College Film club is almost one year old, and as time passes, the club keeps adding to its proverbial repertoire.

Founded last year by current President Tyler Olds and Vice President Victoria Monica, the club meets bi-weekly and is a laid-back way for students to explore their film-related interests.

“[I like] how relaxed it all is,” said junior Collin Dagg, the club’s Treasurer. “In the meetings we’ve had so far, people can just come, chill and watch movies.”

On top of the easy-going atmosphere the club provides, another advantage of the group, at least in the eyes of its leadership, is how it is young enough that it can still be molded in a variety of ways.

“One of my favorite parts about Film club now is taking advantage of how new the club is,” Olds said. “We still have the platform to make all these creative changes. My favorite part is not knowing what the club actually is yet.”

“We have so much free reign,” sophomore Alberto Martinez, the club’s Secretary, added. “We can do absolutely anything we want.”

What’s more, the fact that something like the Film club is unprecedented at Springfield College serves it well.

“With the Film club, it hasn’t been seen on campus, [because] no one [has been exposed to] this type of club,” Martinez said. “I’m glad we can bring out different art forms and introduce new people to these kinds of things.”

While the club is on the rise, there was a real possibility it wouldn’t have ever existed. Olds mentioned how he thought about transferring his sophomore year, but instead decided to remain at Springfield College and create the club with Monica.

It is a decision that Olds doesn’t seem to regret one bit.

While starting with a new group can be a little bit nerve-wracking, the club’s leaders don’t want students to shy away from joining the Film club; in fact, people are encouraged to attend the club’s events.

“You shouldn’t be intimidated by [Film club],” Martinez said. “It’s a very open space where everyone can just speak out their minds, relax, have a good time with their friends, and just follow their passions.”

As for what actually occurs at the meetings, there are two separate facets: One that is already in full swing, and another that is still in the works.

First, the aspect that is up-and-running, is a movie viewing and discussion meeting.

Prior to the meeting, the club’s leaders get input on what movies people are interested in watching, do a vote, then get a list of four possible movies that the club will watch. Then people vote on those, bringing the list down to two movies.

At the actual meeting, the club watches the two trailers, and picks the movie they’ll watch that day. The club also discusses the movie after viewing it.

The other part of Film club, the one that’s still in development, is a workshop-style event. The main goal here is to create and edit short films. This aspect of the club will be up and running by the end of the semester, and will take place during the weeks where there isn’t a viewing and discussion event.

Olds also emphasizes how students don’t need to be at both portions of the club’s events. If someone wants to go to the film viewing and discussion meetings only, that’s totally fine.

Students with any interest are encouraged to join the club, including those who are uncertain about doing so.

“Even if you have the slightest interest in watching movies or pursuing a creative avenue through film, this is the perfect stress-free place to do it,” Olds said.

Photo Courtesy Alberto Martinez

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