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Finals Week Tips and Tricks

Chris Theos

Staff Writer

Believe it or not, there is more than “study, get a good night’s sleep, and eat right” to this whole college academics thing. As finals week looms over the heads of thousands of nervous SC students as an ominous, dark cloud slowly makes it’s way over a valley, here are some tips that will keep your Blood Alcohol Content far below your GPA.

  1. What you know is your ally. Finals (I would really hope) aren’t announced the day before, for the most part. If you haven’t been paying attention for parts of the year, you still have time to catch up. Focus on the parts that you didn’t learn first. Knowing a decent amount of everything is much, much safer than knowing a lot about one topic in a class. You’re putting all your eggs in one basket that way, and unless you know what is on the final, you’re probably setting yourself up for a not-so-great letter grade on your degree audit.
  2. The moment you let doubt get the better of you is the moment your grade sinks. Did Edison or Tesla ever wonder if maybe a candle was good enough for lighting and that their ideas might be too much work for themselves? Of friggin course! They’re human beings, like you and me. However, they never let doubt get the better of them. Tesla let Coronary thrombosis get the better of him nearly 50 years later, but that’s too relevant. I just wanted to sound smart by throwing large words in my article. The point is that the moment you think you can’t possibly pass a final is the moment you become right with that statement. Stay confident. You’ve endured the class all semester long. If it weren’t possible to pass, you wouldn’t be taking the final, because you’d have dropped the class on April 17th.
  3. Re-create your studying environment. That goes for just about anything. Chewing gum while studying? Chew gum during the test. Did you listen to music while studying? Do it during the test. Even study in the room you’re going to take the test in. Your brain makes connections. If you looked at a poster while you were reading “There are 206 bones on the human body,” you’ll most likely remember that fact the moment you look at the poster come test day. Although, if you don’t know that at this point in your life, I’m quite scared for your future as a P.T.
  4. A’s are important, but one B is not the end of the world. Seriously. The most astounding part of this whole college academics to me is the people that can’t stand for anything but an A. B’s, while they’re probably not going to get you on Dean’s List, aren’t a sign of failure. Being a 3.2 student here who seems to get more B’s than an apiary, I’ll tell you something that might surprise you; I’m not dropping out and living on the street corner. Would everyone wanna raise their GPA by a few points? Of course. Yet, sometimes working for an A in every class is simply too much too handle. If you need to put in more work to one class to pass, at the cost of an A in another class, it’s ok. Some end up overwhelming themselves by trying to study every page of every textbook, and end up getting nothing from it all. Sometimes, B’s are just perfectly fine.
  5. Before every test, take about 5-10 minutes to relax. Studying up to the last minute is never a good idea. It’s happened to me personally before, where I sat down in the classroom still reading the book, and then drew a complete blank as soon as I got the piece of paper asking for my name and the date. If you have truly studied for a test, there should be no need to read and walk at the same time. 5-10 minutes before you leave, sit down, blast some music, play a game on your phone, or go buy a coffee. Something to get your mind off of the test you have to take. If you think about it all the way up to the door, you’ll most likely psych yourself out. You have studied for hours, and you’ve put in the hard work to make all that information stick in your brain. Relax. You’ll be fine.

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