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Finding that Secret to a Healthy Mindset at College

Patrick Kenney

As my career here at Springfield College rounds third base and aggressively heads towards home plate I realize that my time on campus has been great, but what has helped me get through this four-year journey in the Pioneer Valley has been my secret hideaway.

Yeah that sounds cheesy I know, but hear me out.

At a college where spirit, mind, and body rule all and social interaction dominates everyone’s lives, I found that taking moments for myself and by myself are equally as important.

Everyone always says take time for yourself but when does anybody really have time to do that, right?

At the start of my sophomore year I decided to make that time. It was revolutionary.

That was my first year as part of the editorial staff for The Springfield Student, that ultimately led me to find my hideaway, which isn’t a secret any more I guess.

For those that don’t know, the student newspaper office is underneath the radio station and Abbey Hall (yeah, its that sketchy place you see when looking outside the back of the union).

It’s perfectly quiet, cut off from the rest of campus and no one really knows about it, until now.

Since sophomore year I have called the newspaper office my hideaway because I use it to escape the crazy world that existed outside.

It has been a place for me to get work done, Skype with my family when I get homesick, or watch TV or YouTube videos when I just need to decompress. Having that time to do what I needed to helped me understand and respect the hard process that is collegiate life.

So why on earth am I rambling on about the student newspaper office that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in 15 years (fun fact it used to be the Springfield College bookstore)?

Honestly, I’m writing in hope to encourage others to find their hideaway, their place of solitude where they can simply unwind and be who ever they want to be.

College and stress go hand-in-hand most days and that can be a lot to handle. Plus, it can be scary taking time for yourself when you know there is something productive you can be doing. Trust me, once you take some time to yourself you will understand why that is way more productive than any term paper or test.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to tell you to blow off work, school or anything else. I am simply telling you that time for yourself, by yourself is healthy.

It keeps you focused. It keeps your brain in a healthy mindset. It allows you to take a step back from the world and just relax for once. It can help make you the best you there is.

So I encourage all of you to go out and find your hideaway. It can be your room, the gym, the computer lab, wherever. Your hideaway and your healthier state of mind is out there, its time you went and found them.

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