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Five Quick Tips for a Healthier You

Andrew Gutman
Staff Writer

Earlier this week I was asked by a friend what the most common workout mistakes were, so I decided that writing an article about it would serve everyone some good. Here are the top five workout mistakes and how to correct them.

You over train abs. Abs are great, they look nice, they are a sign of hard work, and on top of that, you can even wash your laundry on them if you are super ripped (that was a bad joke). Working your abs out every day won’t get you that six pack though. Abs are a muscle like every other muscle in your body and should be treated as such. You wouldn’t work your arms out every day, so why work your abs out every day? Try working out your abs two times a week with a mix of weights and bodyweight exercises. Remember, if you want to see your abs progress, you have to drop your body fat down, so keep your diet in check.

You rely too much on your scale. This is a very common mistake amongst most people. They think that if the scale is telling them that they lost weight then that is good. In reality, the scale is not the best way to judge your progress as much as it is a tool to let you know if you are on the right track. Want to know how to tell if you are gaining muscle or losing weight? Look in the mirror; if you see bigger muscles then you know that you have them. Instead of focusing on your weight, eat right and lift hard. The results will come with consistency.

You don’t eat enough. This might sound surprising, but it ties into number two in the essence that losing weight doesn’t always mean you are getting healthier. In order to fuel your hard training, your body needs an adequate amount of fuel to repair itself and grow, so don’t crash diet. There are many ways to calculate the correct amount of calories, proteins, carbs and fats that you need, so calculate them and fuel your body the right way.

You don’t have patience. Patience is key to getting healthier. Changing your habits is not an easy task, so don’t expect it to happen overnight. Just keep your eyes on the prize and work as hard as you can. Give your body a reason to change and it will. Hit the gym hard and eat a healthy diet. There is no secret or a magic pill, it all comes down to hard work and consistency.

You don’t have a plan. Having a plan is very important to success; it will keep you on track and stop you from giving up. Carry your gym bag with you so after class you don’t feel tempted to skip the gym for a nap or write down your gym time in your planner. Make it an essential part of your day just like you would your classes and homework. Have a print out of your training with you, and if the situation allows for it, prepare your meals the night before so you have no excuse to opt for junk food.

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