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Football Insider with Keith Rodman

Keith Rodman

Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.
Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.

Despite taking a loss to the Liberty League’s top seeded Saint Lawrence football team last week, the Springfield College football team had the honor of connecting with the 1965 undefeated Pride. They were commemorated for their esteemed accomplishments when they participated in the program.

Nostalgia was in the air as the 1965 team took in the scenery all around campus, eventually entering the locker room to exchange words and with their present day football counter parts. Though separated through time, many years of unbroken tradition is what holds the impenetrable bond of these long lost brothers together.

From one generation to the next, a couple members from the 65’ team were able to speak words of wisdom to the players of today’s team. This past team’s love for the program could not be reiterated more than the way these men expressed such vigor and joy towards each coach and player they spoke with.

Sparking an array of emotions the 65’ pride proved they still had it, after giving such moving words to the current team. The message given embodied brotherhood and the valued importance of staying close as a team, “being one mind” and “having one mission” should be the motto, they stressed. Furthermore, they mentioned the high level of intensity and effort a team should maintain to push themselves and push one another every day. Lastly, they emphasized on the point of just having fun and making the most of every day when you’re out there with your brothers.

After all, not everybody gets to be a part of something as influential as this. The fact that these were some of the same ideas that the coaches preach today merely reassured the point that this team, which hasn’t played in 50 years, was still part of the Springfield College football team at heart. It was clear that the three giant words painted in the locker room reading “tradition, commitment and brotherhood” have followed these men on the field and off into their every-day lives. This was evident in the way the carried themselves, all the way to each influential word of knowledge and understanding that poured from their mouths.

As these words resonate for the team into the Pride’s bye week (this week), they will be looking to embody these same ideologies as they take on RPI in yet another conference game next week.

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