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Forget About Your Finals and Wish; Students take time to examine their holiday wishlist

Matt Vaghi

Graphic Designer

As the 2011 holiday season swiftly approaches, students are becoming weary of preparing for final exams and are concentrating on heading home for a well-deserved winter break. With Hanukkah and Christmas occurring within the same week, it will be a festive and jubilant time of spiritual celebration with friends and family. And with these celebrations comes the classic tradition of gift giving. Although Springfield College students have substantially given back to the community this year, they have their own personal collegiate holiday wish lists.

One of the top items on their wish lists is the Apple iPhone 4S. With the new dual-core A5 processor chip, an 8-megapixel camera, iCloud and the introduction of Siri, a unique voice recognition software, the updated iPhone is desired by many college students looking to upgrade their phones.

With the unfortunate death of Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, another popular item is Steve Jobs, the biography written by Walter Issacson. Originally scheduled to be released in 2012, the biography was released after Job’s death on October 5th.

Junior Mike Mancini, a proud owner of the iPhone 4, put the book on his Christmas wish list.

“I don’t usually like to read books, but Steve Jobs was such an influential person of our era,” said Mancini. “I’m definitely going to ask for his biography for Christmas.”

The newly released Kindle Fire by Amazon and the iPad 2, other items on college wish lists, are perfect devices for reading electronic books such as Steve Jobs. Additionally, the iPad is becoming commonly used among the SC student body and is enticing others to ask for it as a gift.

For the gamers at Springfield College, their stockings may be stuffed with some recently released video games. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the latest game in the popular Call of Duty franchise that offers players a compelling campaign mode as well as state-of-the-art online play.

In addition to Call of Duty, NBA 2K12 is another game that should catch the eye of Springfield students, with the NBA finally breaking out of their lockout.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy 2K12 because of the lockout,” said junior Robert Giordano.  “But when I heard the season was going to start on Christmas, I really want to get it on Christmas day.”

Not surprisingly, the collegiate ladies’ lists are more geared towards clothing. Some of the current trends include Victoria Secrets Pink, Ugg boots and jewelry. Additionally, many female students are preparing to go out into internships or student teaching next semester. There is an interest in professional, yet stylish attire such as slacks, sweaters and blouses.

Senior Jenna Lebowitz will be embarking into her student teaching portion of her education major next semester.

“I need more professional attire because I need to dress up every day for school,” said Lebowitz. “I also need warm professional clothing since the winter is already here.”

However, let’s not forget about the 2011 Hess Truck! This year, Hess is offering a heavy duty flatbed truck with a stockcar style racecar that can be loaded on the back. Many students have been collecting these trucks since their early childhoods, so they are still keeping the tradition alive.

From the entire staff of The Springfield Student, we would like to wish all students a happy and safe holiday season filled with joy, gratitude, family, friends and hopefully a few of the gifts on their collegiate wish lists!

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