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Shawn McFarland

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You know his catchy hooks. You recognize his signature raspy voice, his codeine-infused verses and his relationship with Kanye West, Drake and other top-tier artists. But what may not stand out through his lyrics is that Future is a fashion icon.

The 32-year old Atlanta native has seized the past two years harder than any other musical artist. From releasing three solo albums (Honest, 2014, DS2, 2015, EVOL, 2015) to working on a litany of mixtapes, including What a Time to Be Alive (2015) with Drake, the trap artist has called the studio his second home.

But despite spending hours upon hours recording and writing, Future hasn’t slacked off on the fashion side of his life. His signature style – which often include a wide-brimmed, fedora-like cap and circular shades – have become synonymous with his shining million dollar smile.

Future’s wardrobe transcends both ends of the fashion world. From Adidas Stan Smith’s (usually retailing anywhere from $70-$80) to a pair of Balencigia kicks (those will run you up into the $500 plus range), he isn’t reliant on the highest of fashion to look good.

His style, albeit eye-popping, is sporadic across the board. From white tees and flat brimmed caps to camouflage Puma rain jackets with the hood pulled over his blonde-tipped dreads, Future’s fits can range from simplistic to extravagant.

Look at his outfit to the 2013 BET Awards. Simple was an understatement – in fact it was just one singular color. Black boots, black leather pants and a black dress shirt make him look like a walking shadow, and it makes his two gold chains – something not uncommon in his wardrobe – standout.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is his 2016 VMA’s attire. His “red carpet” wardrobe carried a similar theme to his 2013 BET Awards look from a color standpoint (although white dots sprinkled his coat like those Snowcap chocolates). The outfit he wore during his performance however made him resemble a piece of liquorice – and only he could pull it off.

Maroon leather pants with creases running vertical along his legs. A pink purple scarf stuck out from underneath a two-tone red bomber jacket. His all-red color scheme was only complimented by the silver shine of his shoes, watch and rings. Thin aviator shades rested upon his face, which carried rust-colored dreads tied up in a bun.

Future has shown time and time again that he isn’t afraid to shy away from one-color outfits. From entire forest green fits (with his signature Freebandz brand on the cuffs of his sleeve and running horizantal below the zippers) to fully beige t-shirts and jeans (like he wore on the Summer Sixteen tour).

Single color outfits are always a risky move. You could end up looking like a rap star, or you could look like one of the grandfathers who walks around the mall in a tracksuit. But with an unparalleled amount of swagger and personality, Future consistently pulls of the fit with ease.

Like most artists, Future has found a way to cash in on his style. In July of this year, Future signed a deal with Reebok. The collab includes Freebandz t-shirts and varsity jackets, ranging from $55 to $125. The man himself had been spotted rocking some of his new gear over the summer on tour. In true Hendrix fashion, the clothes are slim, simple and fitting. One of the pictures Reebok released shows Future rocking one of the t-shirts in the collab.

It’s a white tee with the Freebandz crest on the left breast, with “Freebandz running vertical down the right side of the shirt. One of the other images released is of Future rocking a windbreaker with similar designs to the t-shirt, with white buttons running up and down the jacket.

Listen, every rapper out there is trying to get a deal with some major brand. Future isn’t entering uncharted territory here, but the things on the horizon do bode well for the recording artist.

Future’s next steps remain uncertain. If I had to advise him here, I’m saying move into the streetwear world. Either shoes (a NMD/Boost collab between Future and Adidas would be incredible) or find something in the higher end of fashion for clothing.

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