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Get to know: Officer DiMiero

Irene Rotondo

Officer David DiMiero can often be spotted around the Springfield College campus sporting a thick beard and a big smile. Originally from Ware, Massachusetts, DiMiero now lives in East Longmeadow with his wife and says that his two and a half years to date at Springfield College have been a great experience.

DiMiero first knew that he wanted to become a police officer during his sophomore year of high school, when he got involved in a State Trooper program. This program had participants live exactly how a State Trooper would train and live for an entire week and at the end of it, DiMiero said he was sold on the whole thing.

“There is a student trooper program in Massachusetts where it has people who are 16 or 17 go to the police academy for a week and experience life as a trooper,” DiMiero said. “Not the most pleasant experience, it wasn’t a summer camp type of thing, but it really opened your eyes to what a career could look like in law enforcement and I absolutely fell in love with it.”

After graduating high school, DiMiero attended Western New England University and acted as a student patrol officer there. Following his college graduation, DiMiero then headed to the Reserve Police Academy and was able to be a part-time police officer through that program.

He was hired by Western New England and was also able to complete his law enforcement training during his time at WNEU by them sending him to the State Police Academy. Finally, DiMiero found his way to Springfield College two and a half years ago and has been here ever since.

DiMiero says that his favorite part about being an officer at Springfield College would definitely be not just the campus community, but the Springfield community as a whole.

“Just from being from a different campus, I can tell that Springfield College has more of a community connection. They don’t have any issues getting out in the community and not just talking students, but residents around us. We have barbecues every school year just to meet the locals that may interact with students or come onto campus for events,” stated DiMiero.

DiMiero also had a message for the students of Springfield College that he hopes will ring true for the whole campus.

“[Public Safety] is not trying to be a negative aspect to the Springfield College community; it’s more that we want to help people progress into the real world and beyond college,” said DiMiero.

“They’re (students) going to come into contact with law enforcement and we really want to have more of a positive connection than just only seeing people in their worst possible moments. At that worst possible time is when you can build the best relationships and really help people,” DiMiero added.

By getting to know Springfield College’s Public Safety officers, the community of Springfield College as a whole will be able to prosper and thrive with the connections that can be made.

Photo Courtesy David DiMiero

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