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Get to know: Officer Sullivan

By Irene Rotondo

As a young boy, Dylan Sullivan enjoyed kicking back with his dad and watching “Cops,” the popular TV show that depicts real-life crimes and the police officers who put their lives on the line to stop the criminals. Sullivan can recall that show, one that has been on air for 30 years, as the reason that he decided he wanted to become a police officer.

Sullivan is clocking in at exactly two months and 26 days since joining Springfield College Public Safety and the Springfield College Police Department since leaving his position as an officer at the Springfield Technical Community College campus. Though he enjoyed his experiences working events and patrolling during the day, Sullivan said that he likes working at Springfield College much more.

Officer Sullivan pictured at Gillette Stadium in accordance with the Pink Patch Project.

“The place is constantly going; the whole campus is constantly going. It’s nice, it keeps you on your toes… It’s lively – I went to UMass, so that’s what I’m used to. Students in the community college environment, they’d come to school and then they’d go home…” he said. “I love how lively this school is, and it definitely seems like it’s a very community-based school. Students love to talk to you and that’s what I love to do, I love to talk to people,” he added.

An Arlington, Mass. native, Sullivan received his Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Middlesex Community College. He later attended UMass Amherst to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and ended up joining the UMass police cadets program. After graduation, Sullivan worked with the Springfield Technical Community College for two and a half years and simultaneously attended the Special State Police Officer Academy at the Massachusetts State Police Academy. 

Sullivan accredits the Springfield College Police Department for his successful transition in and innovative opportunities he is able to receive. Recently, Sullivan received field training to become the next training officer for new incoming policemen and women who the police department will hire and he will also be attending a school in the future that is designed for investigations into sexual assaults. Sullivan was part of the Pink Patch Project as well, an initiative specially designed for Public Safety officers to bring awareness about breast cancer by wearing collectible Public Safety patches.

Photo Courtesy Officer Sullivan

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