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Get to know the SC Women of Business Club

By Garrett Cote

The Springfield College Women of Business Club is in the midst of its second year at Springfield College. The club has grown since its inception, with its main purpose wanting to focus on building career opportunities both professionally and personally for aspiring young women.

The mission statement reads:

The Women of Business Club is a student oriented academic group at Springfield College with the purpose to accredit diverse young women rising for work in the business occupation. This group will allow for greater learning opportunities to grow personally and professionally through leadership, inspiration, and networking ethicacy.

Enhancing public speaking, constructing strong resumes, and improving body language during interviews are some of the several learned professional skills that this club teaches its members.

There are currently 15 members of the club, however they are encouraging others to join and will welcome any new member with open arms, according to club leader Paige Shaughnessy.

“Our club is open to any female student who wants to join,” Shaughnessy said. “It is primarily business related, but anyone can learn from any of the workshops we do. I send out emails to business majors and minors, so everyone on that list receives emails whether they are in the club or not. We really want anyone who even has a slight interest in joining to really consider it.”

One aspect of the club that Shaughnessy continued to point out is that as a club, these young women want to learn and grow collectively, while improving their personal and professional lives through different types of leadership activities.

Considering Shaughnessy had not only never led a club, but never been a part of one either, she admitted things have not always been smooth and easygoing.

For a first time club member, being the leader brought a handful of challenges in her first year. However, just like anything else, the more practice Shaughnessy had, the better she was.

“I started this with two other board members, with the approval of our advisor. We started extremely small, and I will admit we had no idea what we were doing at first. Once I got the hang of it, we became a lot more organized and were able to incorporate guest speakers as well as tons of different workshops.”

Overall, the Women of Business Club has evolved to be an exceptional organization. It may be small for the time being, but there are plans in place to continue to grow and expand.

“This year we have been trying to recruit underclassmen,” Shaughnessy began. “The e-board and myself are all seniors, so we will be graduating this year. It’s important for us to keep this club running for as long as we can, because this is the only business club on campus right now.”

Shaughnessy will carry on with reaching out to as many students as possible, as taking over the e-board is a top priority for the future of the club.

She and the other current board members of the club run an Instagram account – @SCwomeninbusiness – that highlights all of the meetings, activities and other important information related to the club.

Students interested in joining the club can check out the Instagram account and get in touch with the e-board members.

Photo Courtesy of @SCwomeninbusiness on Instagram

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