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Giving Day set to return March 23 to Springfield College campus

By Tucker Paquette

For students, parents, alumni and others who have an interest in supporting the Springfield College community, there is a prime opportunity to do so on the horizon.

On Thursday, March 23, this school will hold its eighth annual Giving Day. The tradition is a notable day on the campus calendar.

“Giving Day is a special day on campus where we ask the entire Springfield College community… come together to support our students by making a donation to the fund of their choice,” Springfield College Director of Development Laura Metallo said.

While raising money is undoubtedly a critical aspect of this day, there is far more that goes into it than just monetary donations.

“We try to make the day a lot of fun, too,” Metallo said.

There are activities on campus throughout the day, as well as social media posts sent out to parents and alumni. What’s more, prizes are given throughout the day, as well.

Additionally, Giving Day is seen as the perfect chance for past and present members of the campus community to realize, or re-realize, their appreciation for Springfield College.

“It’s important to have a day to reflect on what Springfield College has provided in terms of educational resources, [as well as] resources for alumni, our friends and people who have any relationship to the college,” Springfield College Associate Director of Development Liam Medina said.

Medina noted how it’s important to consider the impacts that continued support could have on future Springfield College students, in the sense that every donation plays a part in strengthening the present and future of the College.

For those who are hesitant or unable to donate a significant amount, that should not be a concern, according to Metallo.

“It’s not the amount that someone can give, it’s just that they’re giving and participating,” Metallo said.

Metallo mentioned how students can donate as little as five dollars and still be making an impact.

“If every student gave five dollars, think about the amount of money that could be raised in one day,” Metallo said. “While five dollars may not seem like a lot, collectively it adds up.”

There are a variety of ways people can donate for Giving Day. The simplest way to give, per Metallo, is to make an online donation via credit card, PayPal or Venmo.

However, gifts can also be made at tables across campus on Giving Day, where numerous people will be stationed at tables, ready to take donations. Locations with tables include the Union and Cheney.

Other ways to give include via a phone call and sending a check through the mail.

One thing is for sure: whatever amount someone can give and however they choose to donate, any and all contributions will not go unnoticed.

Photo Courtesy Springfield College 

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