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Going the extra mile

By Nico Fiscella

A well known fact spread across the women’s cross country team.

“If Emory ever says anything to anybody, you know it’s serious or true.”

Emory Fairchild is a junior at Springfield College who has maximized her experiences on campus. While already being a student-athlete, Fairchild participates in a range of clubs including the psychology club, the student athlete leadership team, the humanics committee, and many more. To many, Fairchild is known as someone who is always looking out for people and has their best interest at heart.

The New Milford, Conn. native has made the most out of her time at Springfield College and hopes to continue influencing the lives of people around her. Both a leader on and off the course, Fairchild has the track record to prove she is always going the extra mile.

Already halfway done with her college career, Fairchild has passed down many of her lessons and experiences to both her younger sister and the underclassmen she is surrounded by. Being the second youngest of six, she has used the lessons she has learned through her older siblings, and her own experiences to prepare her younger sister with all the advice she will need to succeed.

Along with being a selfless sister, Fairchild is currently a resident assistant at the Lakeside Hall. She enjoys being there for anyone when they are in a time of need.

“I have a motherly mentality… I do always look out for the girls and they can always come to me if they need anything,” she said.

If anyone has an issue or needs advice, they know they have Fairchild to lean on.

Fairchild has great appreciation for the clubs she has participated in. She enjoys being surrounded by a variety of people. Each group gives Emory, “Different perspectives and types of interactions.” She enjoys making new connections with all types of people on campus.

The different groups Fairchild partakes in also help her grow as an individual. She is given the opportunity to break out of her shell which would be a lot more difficult if she had not been apart of her extra curricular activities. This is something she advises to all students on campus. No matter your grade, joining sports and clubs is how you will get the most out of your college experience. Meeting new people, influencing change to our campus, and having fun are all products of being involved in campus activities.

She said, “The more things you are involved in, the more opportunities open up to you.”

Businessman Harvey MacKay was once quoted discussing the value of time, “Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”

Being apart of several different groups, Fairchild sometimes finds difficulty to complete her daily tasks.

“Things will get stressful and sometimes hard to balance, but you can make time to do what makes you happy,” she said.

Academics always come first to the cross country runner, and double majoring in Psychology and Sociology haven’t made finding time any easier. The ability to complete double the amount of work compared to the average student is seen as impossible to some. Self motivation and proactiveness are key to success for Fairchild.

“You have to understand you have stuff to do and be okay with that, don’t think you don’t have the time,” she said.

Fairchild continues to find time and still be involved with campus activities. She is striving for her goal of continuing her enjoyment of learning, while also meeting new people and staying open to new experiences.

Fairchild is inspired to stop being stressed and enjoy everyday The busy junior willingly chooses to partake in her activities, and finds ways to create happiness and enjoyment that suppress the stress she may feel.

Fairchild’s ability to balance her passions for success in the classroom, leadership, and social interaction, is something all individuals can learn from. She continues to influence others to follow in her footsteps and open up to the activities that surround them daily.

Fairchild has many different titles: a sister, a resident assistant, an athlete, a passionate student, but most notably, Emory Fairchild is a leader.

Photo courtesy of Springfield College Athletics

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