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Graduation and Beyond Prepares for Life After Springfield College

Jake Nelson
Staff Writer

High school graduation represents the ending and beginning of many things. At the time, college seems to be the single biggest entity the world has to offer. As the years whiz by, senior year of college approaches and eventually starts to dwindle. As this is happening, there are countless stresses on the shoulders of soon-to-be graduates. A recession, student loans, graduate school and a competitive job market all await after graduation. All of these factors seemingly add up to a rather daunting proposition of “life after graduation.” Such is the case because, well, it is daunting. If starting a career and being successful was easy, all of these factors wouldn’t seem so big.

Thankfully for Springfield College students, the Career Center is here to help. Every year, the Springfield College Career Center hosts Graduation & Beyond. The event is tailored toward seniors on the verge of leaving undergrad, but is open to all undergraduate students.

The purpose of the event is to give students who are soon to enter “the real world” valuable knowledge that they can use after graduation. Whether students are going to grad school or going directly into the working world does not matter. Any and all are encouraged to attend.

The event is coordinated by Career Center Assistant Director Suzanne Nowlan, who believes the event has much to offer.

“Students have invested their time and money to earn their degree. We strongly encourage them to invest a few hours to develop skills and confidence to successfully begin their careers,” said Nowlan.

On Wed., March 13, the Career Center hosted a “Life After SC” presentation from 7-9 p.m. in the Townhouse Conference Room.

The next week, on Wed., March 27 students will have the chance to participate in an entertaining and informative evening. Robert Shutt is a certified dining etiquette specialist who has presented at the event for the past six years. The Career Center aims to demonstrate and teach several things by having an etiquette specialist present to students.

Nowlan understand that in today’s marketplace many job interviews are conducted over lunch or dinner. Nowlan further explains that, “attending business related dinners and conferences are all part of professional careers.”

Throughout the evening Shutt will provide attendees with a wealth of information. He will cover topics such as navigating place settings, silverware and glassware, as well as learning how to properly pass items at the table.

Nowlan emphasizes that the event is fun and informative. It will take place in the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union in the Dodge Ballroom, beginning at 6 p.m. All students are encouraged to attend.

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