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Grimes: Most of all, my heart breaks for my students

By Isabella Grimes

Among many things that Springfield College has taught me, what resonates with me is that a legacy is not only something you leave behind, but something you take with you.

I’m sure I speak for many students when I say I cried while moving my belongings out of my townhouse, months too soon.  This is not how my senior year was supposed to end.

My heart goes out to many people during this time, each who have their own struggle during a worldwide pandemic.  But my heart divides into 21 small pieces for my students.  Having my student teaching experience cut short was heartbreaking, because throughout this experience I have learned that I need my students as much as they need me.

My heart goes out to the student who is fighting through his disability to learn how to read.

My heart goes out to the student who has to beg his mom to take him to school.

My heart goes out to the student who lives in foster care, and school is her home.

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  And he’s right.  Each and every day that I see my students, I watch them continuously grow and become the best version of themself.  The face to face classroom experience cannot be mimicked by remote or online learning.  As much as you would like to believe, your mom is not like your teacher.  But that doesn’t mean these students will not learn and grow from this experience.  Let the students of today be your teachers.  We are living amongst an unprecedented pandemic and students all around the world are learning to adapt to this new “normal.”

To my elementary, middle, and high schoolers, hang in there.  Believe me, as a teacher I can definitely say that your teachers want more than anything to be standing with you in a place some call a classroom, but some call home.

To my college students, life goes on.  I know how hard it is to transition from home to school, especially when school starts to feel more and more like home.

And to my seniors, you are not alone.  Yes, we were robbed.  Badly.  Countless “lasts,” memories, and recognitions will not take place as they are supposed to.  But what Springfield College has helped me to realize is that it’s not about leaving behind darty season, the last home game, the last performance, senior night, or senior week… It’s about taking the people, experiences, and memories with you, forever.

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