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Gym Class Heroes Back at It with The Papercut Chronicles Pt. II

Kevin Moss

Assistant A&E Editor

The Gym Class Heroes are back at it again with the upcoming album The Papercut Chronicles Pt. II. This album is being released after front man Travie McCoy’s solo endeavor, Lazarus. After producing big hit “Billionaire,” McCoy’s solo album didn’t see much success, and he rejoined the band to produce this upcoming album.

This album goes back to their unadulterated style that reflects well upon the Gym Class Heroes’ original album, The Papercut Chronicles Pt. I. The album promotes a “can’t quit” attitude and other life lessons shown in songs like “Fighter” and “Life Goes On.” I was very impressed with how deep the lyrics get and the meanings behind them. I think it speaks to the character of the band and the messages they carry in their style.

I’m extremely pleased to see this album lean toward a more hip-hop genre and less pop. The Gym Class Heroes have their own style and they’ve kept to it with slight improvements.

I didn’t enjoy Travie McCoy’s solo stuff as much as this upcoming album. Paper Cut Chronicles Pt. II packs a lot of contagious tracks and if you are a fan of “Stereo Hearts,” that song only grazes the surface of this album’s potential.

The album is set to release on Nov. 15, and I expect to see it topping the charts shortly after. The Papercut Chronicles Pt.II definitely receives the Kevin Moss stamp of approval.

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