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Halloween Costume Tips

Katie Benoit
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.
Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.

Halloween is a little over a week away and you might still be trying to figure out what you’re going to wear. You could go to a Halloween store and buy a costume, but it will probably be pricey. My recommendation is to make your own costume; it’s much cheaper and more original. There are a ton of ideas online and even how-to instructions. A few of my favorite ideas were Minions, Barbie, Blaire and Serena from “Gossip Girl,” Clark Kent, and Justin Bieber.

If you go to Target or Wal-Mart, you can find whatever you need to put together the perfect Halloween costume. Make sure to make a list of what you need for your costume so you don’t forget anything.

If you are planning to do a group costume, you could all brainstorm and try to use clothes you already have to keep the cost down. Getting a little creative and making your costumes together can also be fun.

However, Halloween is meant to be fun, so don’t stress out if you lack creativity and your costume comes out less perfect than you expected.

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