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Harvey Pride

Vin Gallo

The Springfield College community will be demonstrating efforts towards Houston relief for Hurricane Harvey this weekend. The starting point of the events will kick off with professor of English, Anne Wheeler teaching a section of college writing. This year, Springfield is piloting a program, run by Student Affairs and Residence Life called the living learning communities. Two groups of first year students, both of whom who are living in Massasoit Hall, and taking one to two required first year courses. “It’s considered a high impact practice, It’s the kind of thing where if you were to participate in the learning community you’re statistically more likely to have over a certain GPA to graduate in four years and to have a better college experience,” said Wheeler.

The college writing course that Wheeler is teaching is a entrepreneur class with a focus in social entrepreneurship. “It’s for profit and nonprofit. It’s for profit companies that have a social justice mission. I wanted to give us a chance to experiment with starting a company – taking risks and putting ourselves on the line.”

This is where the project of ‘Harvey Pride’ comes into play. “We’ve stuck with [focusing on efforts towards] Harvey because Springfield has its own campus [in-state]. Even though since this came about there’s been other hurricanes, the class wanted to stick with this plan.”

Wheeler and her students are partnering with CAB to have a presence at Vegas weekend. Vegas weekend will consist of a three night schedule of activities. Tonight will be spa-themed, Friday night will be casino night, and there will be a ventriloquist on Saturday night. “We’re asking students to donate, either with their own money or by finding faculty sponsorship to donate,” said Wheeler. “For every donation [students] make, they’ll receive a ticket which they can use to win any prizes the student activities board put together. One of our coolest prizes is lunch off campus with President Mary-Beth Cooper.”

The exact location of lunch with Cooper has yet to be determined. There will also be a chance for an opportunity to eat with President of Campus Inclusion Dr. Calvin Hill.

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