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Hassa’s Fashion Buzz: Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Taylor Hassa

Staff Writer 

Ever wonder why you shed so much? Women lose a great deal of hair every day; but if you’re struggling with thinning hair, you’re not alone. Many women struggle with hair loss due to things like stress, hormones and chemicals placed on the hair.

All women have a habit of taking way too much on at once. Women juggle everything at the same time and leave no time left over to be relaxed and alone in their head. This causes a great deal of stress and there is no release for it. When stress is held on to and extended over a long period of time, hair begins to fall out.

Hair loss caused by stress is called telogen effuvium. It is called this because telogen is a phrase for the six-week cycle of no new hair gain. However, if you are stressed out at the end of the telogen phase, your hair won’t grow at all and whatever hair you do have will begin to fall out.

Another cause of hair loss is your body’s hormones. Hormones control everything that goes on in your body, including the growth of hair. Medications and supplements can affect hormones and in turn affect hair growth. Also, females with too much of the male hormone tend to suffer from hair loss and thinning more than others.

Some women go to the hair salon and have relaxers put in their hair. Even though these relaxers make your hair look nice in some ways, they over-dry your scalp and leave your hair brittle and dry, causing it to break more easily and fall out. Coloring your hair over and over again also damages your hair a great deal and makes it weak, again causing hair loss.

I bet you didn’t know that different hairstyles can cause more hair loss than necessary and normal. Braids can yank at the scalp and make hair thin. Tight braids that start at the hairline and are tightly braided back can actually cause your hairline to recede.

Next is the ever loved ponytail. This is a popular hairstyle among women because it is comfortable and gets the hair out of your face. But, it also breaks your hair with the rubber band if you wear it too much.

Ladies, try to be a little nicer to your hair so you can still have a full head of it in the long years to come.

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