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Hassa’s Fashion Buzz: Don’t be ‘That Guy/Girl’ at the Gym

Taylor Hassa

Staff Writer 

One would think getting dressed for the gym is a no-brainer. Some form of running shoes, shorts and a T-shirt seem like the most appropriate things to exercise in.

It is a challenge to make that combination look wrong, but people do it. And they become the laughingstock of the entire gym.

In an attempt to save people from that kind of ridicule, this column will feature what to wear and what not to wear to the gym.

On your lower body, for both ladies and gentlemen, the obvious choice would be shorts. Some women prefer to wear long spandex or yoga pants, styles that are also considered appropriate for the gym.

However, the tight spandex shorts that are popular among female volleyball players may attract the wrong type of attention at the gym. And just a reminder, jeans are never okay, under any circumstance.

Moving to the upper body, for women, any type of T-shirt or athletic tank that is made from a dry-fit or moisture-wicking fabric is best to work out in. They will keep you feeling dry despite how much you’re sweating.

Men are a bit simpler. Any type of T-shirt will do. Most guys you’ll find in the gym now will be wearing tanks, in an effort to show off their muscles.

On to the shoes. Any sort of running shoe that you find comfortable will be acceptable. The sneaker needs to be supportive and not bother you during your workout.

Shoes that aren’t acceptable would be any form of cleat. Also, sandals and flip flops are never a good idea when you are going to exercise. You’d be surprised how many girls think sandals are ok because they can just take them off and be barefoot, which is also not practical for working out.

As for the extra stuff, a towel is never a bad idea. When you’re running, it is nice to have one so you can stop the sweat before it enters your eyes. Some people also like to wear sweatbands; they are a little old school, but still fashionable in the gym world today.

Hopefully, with these small clarifications, you won’t become “that guy” or “that girl” in the gym.

Taylor Hassa may be reached at thassa@springfieldcollege.edu

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