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Hassa’s Fashion Buzz: Essential Makeup Tips

Taylor Hassa

Staff Writer 

Getting all dolled up is one of the best things about being a girl. Therefore, learning how to apply your makeup the right way is essential.

The purpose of makeup is to enhance your look, not to cover you up so you look like a completely different person. All too often girls think the more makeup they wear the better they look.

Truth is in college you don’t have 20 minutes to stand in front of the mirror and pile makeup on, so short and sweet is the way to go.

During the day you want your makeup to look natural and pretty. Bronzer, heavy amounts of blush and dark lip gloss is not necessary.

Start with a stick of eyeliner. A lot of people just go with the black eyeliner look, which is fine, but if you do not have seriously blue or green eyes it does nothing for you.

A good eyeliner for brown or hazel eyes would be a gold or greyish green color. These colors work with your eyes to make them pop.

As for daytime eye shadows, stick to the pretty neutral colors such as a light pink or just a shimmery light skin color. This will help bring out the natural beauty in your eyes.

During the day it would be obnoxious to walk around with pink or bright red lips. A lighter color lip gloss is the right way to finish your fresh daytime look.

When nighttime rolls around, it is easy to take your daytime look and add some spark for the night. Simply take some darker shades of purple or brown eye shadow to create the perfect smoky eye look.

At this time it is OK to bring out the bronzer and the blush, because when night falls every girl wants to look her absolute best.

Lastly, makeup looks better on clean, healthy skin. Drinking a lot of water will naturally enhance your look. Also, always make sure you put your makeup on in bright light.

If you apply it in the dark, catastrophe is a guarantee.

Taylor Hassa may be reached at thassa@springfieldcollege.edu

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