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Hassa’s Fashion Buzz: Halloween Recap

Taylor Hassa
Staff Writer



fashionHalloween weekend is finally over, and it was a blast, to say the least. People, for the most part, seemed to have an amazingly fun time.

This Halloween weekend may have been the best one Springfield College has seen in a while. Everyone was dressed up Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, with some great displays of creativity.

Everyone’s costumes stuck out to me, but there were a few that were absolutely awesome and well thought out that left me thinking, “I totally should’ve thought of that.”

The first few costumes that stood out to me were the groups of girls that dressed up as movie characters and groups of people. The first group of girls I saw was dressed up as the characters from Mean Girls. They did such a good job with the costumes that everyone could tell exactly who they were all supposed to be.

The next group of girls I saw was the characters from the Wizard of Oz! They all looked so great, however, the tin man happened to be my personal favorite. The little hat just made the whole outfit.

Later on in the evening, I saw a group of girls dressed up in Santa hats and little bow tops; I couldn’t believe how cute it was. They definitely made the tops themselves, and I must say, they came out great. They were perhaps my favorite costumes of the entire weekend.

The last group of girls I saw were dressed up as minions in yellow shirts and overalls. It goes without saying that minions are adorable, so those costumes got two thumbs up from me.

I also saw some really creative individual costumes. For example, to the girls that were able to make those epic duct tape dresses, I commend you so much. They said going to the bathroom was quite difficult, but the dresses looked super cool.

I also saw some devils, convicts, basketball players and of course, Superman was very popular this Halloween.

Overall, I’d say it was a pretty successful and impressive Halloween for SC!

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