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Haunted Hall Aims to Scare Students

Meghan Zimbler
Photo Editor


Happy Halloween, Springfield College!

This is the day to eat all the candy you want, break out the unopened costumes and be as scary as possible, because this day only comes once a year, and as college students, we like to make the most of it.

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of Haunted Hall, hosted by the Residence Life staff of Alumni Hall, on the campus of Springfield College.
Making its way back to Alumni Hall, Haunted Hall is ready to scare.

Each year, the resident assistants put this event together for not only the students of Springfield College, but also the community, including professors and their families.

This year, the Haunted Hall is being directed by Stephen Lentini and Quinn Duclos, with the help of the rest of the Alumni Hall staff.

This program is an Alumni Hall “all-hall event” as a requirement for Residence Life, but luckily the Haunted Hall is open to students and the Springfield community at no cost.

Last year, about 250 people walked through the Haunted Hall, with approximately half of those people being staff members of Springfield College who brought their families.

The planning has been taking place since the middle of September, with the staff and students eager for this day to arrive.
Actors have been hired to make the event scarier and creepier for the full haunted house effect.

“It is just a fun thing to do,” said Stephen Lentini, a member of the Alumni Hall residence staff. “Half the reason we do this is to give the option for students to do something different.”

So, what is in store for Thursday night’s Haunted Hall?

Expect an eye-opening, creepy theme with people and objects that will make your head spin. The Haunted Hall will be very suspenseful and will be filled with things you may not want to look at, but are drawn too.

In groups of 10 people, expect to be led through Alumni by your hosts into the haunted house you will not want to miss.

Make your way over to Alumni Hall’s Haunted Hall Thursday night, as the doors open at 8 p.m. and run all the way until midnight.
There will be no cost, so walk right up to the entrance and enjoy some spooky fun this Halloween.

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