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Having Freedom at Home and Piercings


Ask Mack,

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.

I love having the freedom I do at college because I never had anything like it at home. But now when I go back home I struggle to fall back into the “listen to everything my parents say” rule. Can you help me find a balance because I feel like I need my freedom at home, too?



Dear Trappedathome,

I know exactly how you feel. The transition between college life and home life is really tough, especially the first real holiday break you go home for during your first year of college. I struggled until my junior year of college finding a balance with my dad. I was used to being able to stay out as late as I wanted, have as many friends over as I wanted, I decided what and when I had dinner every night (and midnight snacks). But when I was doing these things, I was also living with people who were doing the same things as me.

That was the number one difference that made me realize I had to change this behavior at home. Sure, I was still annoyed I wasn’t the boss of my own life, but this realization changed the way I perceived the situation. It wasn’t that my dad didn’t want me to have fun, it was that my actions weren’t exactly appropriate for their settings. Do you have adults that get up early and go to work so that they can help pay for your tuition and lifestyle? Do you have kids younger than you living in the house that will be going to school even though you’re on break? All of these people’s lives can’t stop just because you’ve decided you want to go to a party and not come home until 4:00 AM. You have to find a way to adjust on both ends while making sure everyone is happy. Maybe in high school your curfew was midnight. Talk to your parents about extending that as long as you get yourself to and from the party safely and arrive alone at home quietly so you aren’t disturbing anyone.

My biggest piece of advice would be to step outside this issue and actually cherish living at home. You might not see it now, but soon you’ll be a senior wondering how you’re going to ever live on your own, and you’ll be grateful to even have a place to stay (just food for thought). Oh, it also might help to start doing your own laundry at home, too!




Ask Mack,

How do you feel about piercings?


Dear Pierceprobs,

I love piercings! I think they’re a cool way to show off your style without doing anything too drastic. The thing is, people don’t always do enough research about what they’re getting ready to do to their bodies, and are often surprised at what happens during or after the piercing. A little word of advice would be to plan ahead and learn everything there is to know about what you’re planning on doing before you do it. Don’t assume everything is like an ear piercing. Most piercings not on the ear take much longer to heal, are much more likely to get infected, and cost a lot more money. If you’re willing to pay the extra money, and take care of something for up to months at a time, then I say go for it! Just be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you stick a needle in your body!


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