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Healthy Alternatives Big Success: Salad Bar and Pride Press Get Raving Reviews

Taylor Hassa

Staff Writer

One of the most popular places to hang out on the Springfield College campus is the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union. There all kinds of things there like the mailboxes, the P.O.D, Dunkin’ Donuts and of course, Union Station.

Union Station offers a variety of food to the students. There is a burger studio where students can fill up on burgers, fries and chicken. There is also the pizza station and Subway.

However, this semester, there have been two new foods offered to the students of Springfield College. They were introduced as the Pride Press and a salad bar where people can actually create their own salads right down to the leaves.

According to Tim Geary of Aramark, “Everybody wanted more paninis,” so he had the Pride Press set up.

This station is great because students can “create their own panini,” he added.

Freshman Quinton Christiano said, “The Pride Press is a great option for kids with food allergies because they can pick what goes on their panini. It is a really nice option to have.”

The other new addition is the salad bar, and according to Geary, he is getting “excellent results” for that as well.

The station used to just offer premaid salads that came with dressings such as ranch and blue cheese. But with the new salad bar, students have the luxury of choosing from “homemade dressings,” said Geary.

Both of these stations are doing incredibly well. The Pride Press is putting out about 80 orders a day and instead of just having one employee on the station, there are two.

And instead of just selling the 30 premaid salads, Union Station is now creating about 80 fresh, hand picked salads a day.

“It is incredible how well it’s gone over,” said Geary.

Clearly, the students agree and seem to be enjoying their new options for food.

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