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Heating up the discussion

Ty Coney

Climate change is a prevalent issue around the world as global warming continues to become more and more serious. People are starting to see the impact it is having on the world today as time progresses.

At Springfield College, students and faculty have taken matters into their own hands to bring awareness to climate change. 

This Friday, there will be an event open to all students on the campus green outside of the Union from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. This will be held to bring awareness of climate change, as the United Nations are preparing to meet in New York to discuss the issue on Monday. 

Willow Mennone is a junior in the Health Sciences major at Springfield College who will be leading the charge for the event.

Mennone feels the importance of the event is to show that our campus is on board with the movement against climate change. 

“All around the nation and the world there have been events, strikes, or movements whatever it may be (called) to promote (awareness of) climate change and promote politicians to do stuff about the (changing) climate because we now are at a time where we are no longer reversing it and are just trying to keep it from getting worse,” Mennone said.

“This is an event for Springfield College so the students can show that they care and that they want there to be change and let that be reflective on our campus and kinda show local politicians and people higher up in our campus that we want to make a change and make the environment a priority in our everyday lives,” she added.

Her main motivation is to make sure there is a world for the people who come after her that is as beautiful as people today see it.

“I want my niece and her children and whoever else to be able to live on this Earth and be able to see this environment we have around us and breathe clean air, and go on hikes and be able to see all these amazing animals we have and what the world provides us,” Mennone said.

This event is not just being held by the students, there are a number of faculty members getting involved and joining ranks to participate. 

Rebecca Lartigue is an English professor at Springfield College and is also the head of the new Honors Program. She feels that climate change turns into a social justice issue when one looks at how it affects minorities and poorer communities here in the United States and beyond   

“From a social justice angle some of the poorest communities and poorest countries are going to bear a disproportionate cost of these changes and that just doesn’t fit in with the mission of this college. We should be leaders in humanity so that includes social justice on environmental causes,” Lartigue said.

The validity of Climate Change is something that has been debated on for many years and now, as the effects have started to become irrevocable, people are starting to realize action is needed.

“The facts are climate change is happening, that’s the science, this isn’t a matter of belief anymore,” Lartigue stated.

Photo Courtesy Springfield College

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